The King of Fighters 15: The Untold Story Will Be Released Soon

The King of Fighters 15: The Untold Story Will Be Released Soon
The King of Fighters 15: The Untold Story Will Be Released Soon

The King of Fighters 15 will be released shortly, and it will pick off where The King of Fighters 14 left off.  However, it has been over six years since that entry was launched, and the story arcs can be difficult to follow because players receive bits and pieces from several playthroughs with various teams in the game.

In addition, the King of Fighters series is noted for its various story arcs and the fact that its wild storyline may span multiple games. A summary of the story so far in The King of Fighters 15 is required to bring fans caught up.

Several years later, a self-assured billionaire named Antonov purchased the rights to the King of Fighters tournament and declared himself the 1st champion. Despite opposition from his company’s board of directors, Antonov decided to host a new King of Fighters tournament and sent out invitations around the world to both new and familiar fighters, challenging teams to take his title, according to Game Rant.

Following this devastating incident, an unknown monster began to grow in the resultant ground zero, stealing Saiki, the head of a cult organization known as Those from the “Past, or  Those from His Distant Land.” Despite the setback, Nakoruru recognizes the creature as Wei Kamui and verifies its fears. The Chinese Team known as the New Hero Team, fainted when the monster attempted to seize his powers. 

Maxima, one of the K comrades, gave Heidern, a commander of the Ikari Warriors, information. Maxima utilized his cyborg talents to write records on the entity’s ruins using his expertise.

The legend continues 

The revived combatants include Verse, who is discovered in Australia’s Ayers Rock. Orochi, who is sighted in Hungary, and Ash Crimson, who is discovered by Elizabeth Blanctorche and Kukri in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains.

The 14th episode of the Royal Fighters has ended, and the tournament champion has yet to be revealed. Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami have been revived and have entered the competition. Chizuru finds A new squad, featuring Dolores, who was just revived in the aftermath of Verses’ loss, and Isla, a new fighter, is set to host the Ikari Warriors in the tournament. 

Antonov has now resigned from the Antonov firm due to suspicions that he orchestrated the events at the conclusion of KOF 14. Blue Mary, Vanessa, and Luong, who make up the Secret Agents team, have decided to work together to spy on diverse targets. Maxima becomes a member of the K squad, which is on the lookout for Kula Diamond, according to the written post on the EWW site.

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