The Batman Launch: Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz Talk About Possibility of New Justice League

The Batman and Catwoman
The Batman Movie

The actors of the highly anticipated new film The Batman, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, speak up about their meeting years ago during a screen test in an exclusive interview.

Robert Pattinson will feature as the Caped Crusader in a film based on The Long Halloween and Year One comics. It’s unrelated to any other DC film or TV series. Without a fancy moniker like the “DCEU” where Ben Affleck is Batman, Batman’s cinematic universe will almost surely generate sequels and Gotham-centric spinoffs.

The Batman Universe

Pattinson said in an interview with ComicBook that he is enthralled by the prospect of attempting to figure out how to produce something. They’ve been discussing how to incorporate fanciful elements into Matt’s universe because his perspective on it is so firmly rooted in reality.

As per the report, it is unclear whether or not characters from the DC Comics universe, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and others, will appear in this new franchise. When it comes to Bruce Wayne, Pattinson knows which aspects of his character he would like to explore and develop further if The Batman were to have a sequel.

Initially said NO to The Batman, DCEU

Matt Reeves claimed in an interview that Warner Bros. had courted him even though he believed he was the wrong person for the job at the time. “I thought it’s going to be enough just to do Batman in his world. So that was something that I said from the beginning was important to me: that I not have to do anything deliberately to connect it to other things,” said Reeves, as quoted by Gizmodo.

Although he initially expressed reluctance, Reeves eventually met with Warner Bros. and then-current Batman actor Ben Affleck to determine whether or not he was a good fit for what they were trying to do.

As the DC film slate evolved, Reeves found himself in constant dialogue with WB about how he would depict Batman. After the popularity of Todd Phillips’ The Joker and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, it’s easy to see why WB wanted a more Chinatown-style origin tale for Batman.

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