Teppen Manga Gets TV Anime in 2022

The Teppen team on Thursday announced that “Teppen- !!! (Summit) the manga will be getting its TV adaptation in 2022. It’s good news for the manga fans who were already demanding an anime for the series.


A story of aspiring comedians

This manga is based on a coming-of-age story of three high school girls who aspire to be hotshots in the world of comedy. Yayoi Sakamoto wanted to be a comedian since childhood. To pursue that dream she enrolls in the private Kazuki High School, Nanba. Nanba is famous as a good launchpad for aspiring comedians. There she reunites with her childhood friend and co-aspirer Yomogi Takahashi. In their childhood, they formed a comedy duo “Konamonzu” and put together a routine at a park. They are ready to relive those days and enter a local shopping area’s comedy contest.

Namamugi and Inujun have based the Teppen manga on Seiyū San-Shimai Team Y. The team has 133,000+ subscribers on its YouTube Channel and is formed by three voice actresses Aimi, Ayasa Itō, and Mikio Sasaki. The Manga first saw the light of the day on January 8, 2021, when it was first launched by Namamugi in the magazine called Monthly Bushiroad. The manga is a great hit and now the creators have decided to bring it to television.

Unrelated to 1990s Teppen manga

Teppen-!!! Manga is nowhere related to the 1993-1996 Teppen manga of Takaki Konari. This manga also had its anime adaptation in 1996. You can mistake a relation. But, Teppen-!!! Manga and its anime adaptation are completely unrelated to the past one. To tease the fans more, Teppen-!!! Manga’s anime has been named Teppen-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15 exclamation marks). The creators are signaling that there’s a meaning behind these 15 exclamation marks, which are originally only 3 in the manga’s name. In the Teppen-!!! Manga, there are three main characters and maybe the three exclamations are a reflection of that. Could 15 exclamation marks mean that there is going to be a 15 comedian tournament? There’s no official information, just a lot of guesswork.

Are you excited about the manga’s anime adaptation? And what do you think the 15 exclamations, instead of 3, could signify?

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