Suspect in killing of Idaho sheriff’s deputy fatally shot

Suspect in killing of Idaho sheriff's deputy fatally shot

A deputy of Idaho Sheriff died after being shot by a driver at the time of traffic stop. A man who was detected as suspect was later on fatally shot by police as per the authorities said.
Deputy named Tobin Bolter of age 27, was shot when he pulled the suspect over around 9 p.m. on an outstanding warrant. According to investigators, Bolter never even reached the driver’s door.
Clifford said that Bolter had seven years of law enforcement experience and had been with the Sheriff’s Office since January. Previously he had also worked with another police department in Idaho and also for the Pleasant Hill Police Department.

A police official from Boise Police found the vehicle of the shooting suspect which remained unoccupied about a half hour after shooting. Police found a man as the suspect outside a home, Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar said. The tactical unit of police responded and tried to get the man to be surrendered, Winegar said. He said some nearby residents were told to evacuate, but others in the area were warned to stay inside.
Just after midnight, the man put fire at officers, and one officer responded him with fire and shot him, Winegar said. The officers gave him medical aid, but before that he was pronounced dead after taking to the hospital, he said. A search warrant has been issued for the 65-year-old suspect, who was eventually discovered by law enforcement early Sunday. Police attempted to take the suspect into custody peacefully, they said. The suspect was killed even after confrontation when he allegedly fired his gun at officers by the law enforcement.
Any public announcement about Bolter’s death have not been made by Pleasant Hill Police, but Brentwood police shared their condolences Sunday.