Studio Ghibli: Woman Awarded Guinness World Record for Having Largest Collection Sets

Studio Ghibli: Woman Awarded Guinness World Record for having Largest Collection Sets
Studio Ghibli: Woman Awarded Guinness World Record for having Largest Collection Sets

In 1985, filmmakers Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, along with producer Toshio Suzuki, founded Studio Ghibli, a highly successful animation studio. The largest collection of Studio Ghibli memorabilia was awarded the Guinness World Record to Eloise Von Velvet, a Studio Ghibli mega-fan from France.

Eloise Von Velvet has a massive collection of 1,304 CDs, statues, DVDs, music boxes, toys, and other collectibles. These are from films like Howling’s Movie Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, and Grave of Fireflies, among others.

According to Guinness, she holds the world’s largest collection of Studio Ghibli films. Velvet has no intention of stopping, despite the fact that her record is already rather remarkable. Velvet claims that collecting is her passion and her life and that she will never quit. She desires a colossal Totoro plush, as specified by the CBR webpage. 

The collection 

Eloise Von Velvet has smashed the global record for the largest collection of Ghibli memorabilia, according to Guinness World Records. Elosie Jéglot, also known as Eloise Von Velvet on Instagram, is a cosmetic artist and tattoo model from Paris, France. 

Since 2007, she has been adding to her collection, which now totals 1,304 pieces. Friends and family were first wary of the Ghibli mega-addiction, fan’s as she spends three to five hours each day surfing the internet for any Ghibli item she doesn’t already own. 

Her media attention and interviews on the Ghibli memorabilia collection appear to have calmed her detractors, and she may now proudly display her new Guinness record to them.

Velvet’s collection includes figurines, DVDs, soundtrack albums, plushies, keychains, some pins, mugs, novels, and so much more, totaling 1,304 pieces, up from 1,496 since she received her award in October 2021.

Eloise’s “Ghibli Room,” where she keeps her memorabilia, was recently featured in a film by Guinness World Records, and it felt like strolling into a miniature museum dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki’s best works. 

Velvet disclosed that she became enamored with Ghibli’s world after seeing Princess Mononoke when she was six years old and that she watched My Neighbor Totoro virtually every day for years. 

Velvet revealed that her urge to collect as much Studio Ghibli merchandise as possible began in 2007 when her sister gave her three Howl’s Moving Castle action figurines for her birthday. 

After witnessing Princess Mononoke for the first time, she became enamored with these films and storylines. Eloise admitted that the film was a little too gloomy for her at the time, but she was smitten by its breathtaking vistas, lovely soundtrack, and powerful woman characters, as written by the Verve Times news. 

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