South-African Jazz Singer Gloria Bosman dies at age 50

Gloria Bosman
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Gloria Bosman, a renowned jazz singer from South Africa, dies.

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Smooth-voiced Gloria Bosman, a famous jazz musician from South Africa, has earned accolades for her contributions to the nation’s music industry throughout a more than two-decade career.

Gloria Bosman, a multi-award-winning musician, passed away at 50.

What happened to Gloria Bosman?

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Smooth-voiced Throughout a more than 20-year career, jazz artist Gloria Bosman of South Africa has received praise for her contributions to the nation’s music scene.

According to her family, Bosman passed away on Tuesday after a brief illness.

The statement stated, “It is with deep regret that we reveal that in the early hours of yesterday morning, we lost the foundation of our family. After a brief illness, she passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her family.

Who’s South African singer Gloria Bosman?

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The South African Music Rights Organization confirmed the information in a press release. The statement states, “The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is grieved by the demise of Ms Gloria Bosman, who died away on March 14, 2023, as a Board Member. At SAMRO’s most recent general meeting in December 2022, Bosman was recently named to the board.

What number of albums has Gloria Bosman released?

The singer, born in Soweto, was praised for her capacity to bridge musical genres and for having a diverse voice. She received the coveted Best Newcomer honour at the South African Music Awards in 1999 for her maiden album.

According to eNCA, she performed on stage alongside many legendary musicians, including Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse, Sibongile Khumalo, and Hugh Masekela.

Bosman was honoured by South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party, which said the nation’s music industry would be worse off without her.

Six albums—Tranquillity (1999), The Many Faces of Gloria Bosman (2000–1), Stop and Think (2002), Nature Dances (2003–2004), Emzini (2006), and Letters from the Heart vol. 1—have been produced by Bosman (2010).

“Gloria Bosman is a member of a generation of outstanding female musicians who defied patriarchal expectations in a male-dominated field. According to a statement from the ANC, she was a ferocious and aggressive revolutionary in the arts.

Jazz great Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse of South Africa was among the first to tweet his sorrow about her passing, writing that he was “sad, gutted and shattered.”

Bosman began her singing career in churches and playhouses. Still, it was a scholarship to pursue opera at what was then Pretoria Technikon (now the Tshwane University of Technology) that made a significant contribution to her growth as an artist.

Later in her career, she made a comeback to perform at the school.

The acclaimed musician’s debut album, “Tranquility,” was released in 1999 to positive reviews, earning her the South African Music Awards’ Best Newcomer honour.

Once her career took off, she received 11 nominations, two Africa-wide Kora awards, a second Sama award, and performed on several stages all over the world.

Bosman collaborated on songs and recordings with a number of well-known musicians from South Africa, including Oliver Mutukudzi from Zimbabwe, the late Hugh Masekela, Sibongile Khumalo, and Moses Molelekwa.

She was named to the board of the South African Music Rights Organization in December of last year. This organisation was established to safeguard the intellectual property of music producers by obtaining licencing fees and disbursing royalties.

“Ms Bosman added a point of view that consisted of a rich blend of insights on member ambitions and the direction that our organisation should continue to march towards,” said Samro board chairman Nicholas Maweni. “She is a composer and a performing artist in the brief period that Ms Bosman was a board member.

Her funeral and memorial services’ specifics have not yet been made public.

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