“Shinkalion Z” Why Minami Tsuda x Akari Kito wanted to play a boy

“Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion ” where the Shinkansen transforms into a giant robot and fights to protect the peace. The latest work in the series, “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z,” is characterized by having a “Z coalescence” function with the double hero and the armed strengthening vehicle “Zyliner” with the motif of a conventional line. We interviewed Minami Tsuda, who plays the main character, Shinta Shinta, and Akari Kito, who plays the mechanic Abuto Usui.

First of all, how did you feel when you decided to appear in “Shinkalion Z”? Tsuda: Personally, I’ve always wanted to play the role of a boy … I myself had a relatively low voice, and there was a little boyish place. Of course, I’ve played it before, but I was very happy because it was the first time for me to be the main character in an anime. Kito: Actually, I haven’t played the role of a boy who is mainly involved in the main role, and I’ve been saying “I want to play the role of a boy” in various places for a couple of years. I was very surprised that that dream came true and I was able to work on a popular work called “Shinkalion”. When the role of Abuto was decided, the manager was very pleased and I was really excited! ──You said that both of you wanted to play the role of a boy, but did you have always felt admiration and charm? Tsuda: When I was in junior high school, the anime “The Prince of Tennis” was popular, and Mayumi Tanaka also in “One Piece”.When I saw him playing Luffy, I had the admiration and respect that “even women can playboys!” And I always thought “I want to do it too!”. Kito: I think the great thing about working as a voice actor is that you can become something that you can never become and that you can transcend gender. Also, since my debut, I wasn’t good at playing in low voices, but since I started aiming for the role of a boy, I’ve been practicing and researching to play in low voices. I wish I could produce the results this time. ──What do you keep in mind when you play a boy? Tsuda: I think it’s because of “feelings”. I understand the way girls think, but boys still have different parts, so they naturally think that they are boys … The sound director says, “A man gets angry with his belly. She also tells me something like “a woman gets angry with her head” (laughs), and she plays every time. ──As you can see, Shin has the image of a straight and bright boy. Tsuda: Yes, I’m aiming for a slightly lower level, but on the contrary, if I make too much, nature will be lost … In the case of Shin, it’s a bright character, and I think it’s better not to make too much. But I think, so I play it in a place that is relatively close to my own voice. ──On the other hand, Abuto is the opposite cool character. Kito: I’m a relatively calm child, so I try to make a cool and cool play. In “Shinkalion Z”, many female voice actors play the role of a boy, but each actor has a technique that not only makes a low voice but also sounds like a boy in the way he plays. Because there is, it is a very educational site. (C) Project Shinkalion / JR-HECWK / Super Evolution Research Institute Z / TX.

Shin is a strange child, Abto is a mystery !?
──What kind of boy do you think the character you are playing is? Shin Tsuda is a fifth-grader who loves occultism, so he’s a strange child (laughs). However, apart from the occult genre, I think it’s boyish and cute when you get excited about what you like or when you sprinkle it quickly. On the other hand, I have a heart that inherits my father’s words that “the possibility is not zero”, so ShinkalionI thinks that by meeting Z and his friends, he will become stronger and stronger in the future. Kito Abuto is … in a word, a “mystery” (laughs). I’m a child who has a lot of things I don’t understand yet and is surrounded by mysteries, but that’s why it also has a mysterious charm. Not only is it cool and cool, but it also has a lot of heat inside. I love railroads and have an otaku temperament, which is a different genre, but I think it’s similar to Shin. ──Shin seems to pay homage to Abto’s railroad enthusiasts. Tsuda: I’m a child who wants to make friends with aliens in the first place, so I don’t deny that people are a little strange or have a little personality, and I think they can be accepted honestly. So it seems that Abto’s railroad enthusiasts are trying to admit that “this guy likes this kind of thing”. It’s a little bit ahead, but there are some characters that are coming out that are a little difficult. Shin tries to understand the child, but he doesn’t understand the other side, and as a result, he conflicts. But I’m sure I’ll get over it with guts, so I’d like you to pay attention to the drama in the future. ──The number of drivers in the previous work “Shinkalion” has increased to 11 in the end. It is expected that the number will increase in “Shinkalion Z” in the future, but it seems that Abuto’s standing position will be unique among them. Kito In this work, the mechanic also has an important role, and the big highlight is that Shinkalion Z is moving because there are two people. Even in the real world, drivers and the Shinkansen are not the only protagonists, and I think they are the ones who teach us the very important thing that we can play an active role only if there are people who support it from the back. ──In that sense, “Shinkalion Z” has many attractive sub-characters, but are there any characters that you care about other than your own role? Tsuda Enemy side It’s Teotihuac. It’s like, “Who are you?” (Laughs)? Moreover, it looks strong and has a strong personality, and there is a mystery as to why it is attacking the earth, so I’m still curious. Kito I’m surprised that Mr. Azumako is interested. In addition to supporting the drivers during the battle, Ms. Azumako often goes out with Shin and her friends as a leading sister, and I thought, “Don’t be a good character.” Tsuda might be a little interesting character. ──Speaking of older sister characters, Shin’s older sister is also interesting. Tsuda: When I discover something, my hair becomes peen. What do you mean, that hair (laughs)? Oh yeah, when I first showed you the settings, I didn’t know the color of the character’s hair, so when I saw it in the anime, I was surprised to see “Is it green here?” “Oh, it’s red!” .. ──The characters in the “Shinkalion” series have different colors in their hair. Tsuda Abuto is pink. You’re a fashionable elementary school student (laughs). (C) Project Shinkalion / JR-HECWK / Super Evolution Research Institute Z / TX.