Shaughna Phillips of Love Island was taken to the hospital after she couldn’t feel her baby move

Shaughna Phillips
Image source: The Sun

Shaughna Phillips of Love Island was taken to the hospital after she couldn’t feel her baby move.

Shaughna Phillips
Shaughna Phillips. Image source: The Scottish Sun

Shaughna Phillips, a former Love Island star, stated she was taken to the hospital over not feeling her baby move. Shaughna, anticipating her first baby, recently stated she would be induced on Sunday, April 2, after missing her due date on March 25.

But, in the 38th week of pregnancy, the expecting mother stated she was transported to the hospital and hospitalized overnight since her baby “had diminished motions.”

“I panicked and told doctors I didn’t feel prepared for labor,” she says. “But they held me overnight and placed me in a post-natal unit where children had already been delivered.” She stated this in her exclusive piece for OK! Magazine.

“I felt pressured into having an inducement when I was just not ready, so I had a very awful night, along with being in a ward full of ladies who had just delivered a baby and being on my own was traumatizing.”

Another doctor came the following morning to advise Shaughna that she had “alternative options,” but she was “absolutely ready for the kid to come.”

When asked why she chose induction, Shaughna said, “everything hurts,” and she “can’t recalls the previous occasion she slept through the night.

“I was laying in bed the other day, so miserable, and I just thought, ‘This has to be it now,’ as I can’t take any more – I simply can’t,” she continued.

“Even brushing my teeth makes me nauseous, and I get heartburn even when I’m not eating. I became dizzy. I recently had a third sweep, which hurt a lot, and I was told I’m only 1.5cm dilated – it’s very irritating.”

Is Shaughna Phillips from Love Island pregnant?

Image source: The Irish Sun

Shaughna Phillips of Love Island will expect her first baby with her partner! On Wednesday night, the 28-year-old made the joyous announcement on Instagram with a montage video that included images of an ultrasound test and footage of a positive pregnancy test.

Who is Love Island Star Shauna Phillips?

Shaughna Phillips is a British reality star, artist, and social media celebrity most known for her appearance in the sixth season of the rebooted iteration of Love Island (2020). She has been in several other television reality shows, including Celebs Go Dating 2020.

Shaughna Phillips discloses a significant shift in her birth experience as she learns her baby is due in just a few days.

In October, the 28-year-old Love Island star revealed that she’d been expecting her 1st kid. The reality actress stated on March 6 that she was brought to the hospital after experiencing labor, but she subsequently remained home and waited for her arrival.

Shaughna has been informing fans on social media ever since and has now disclosed when she will welcome her newborn into the world. “Induction arranged for Sunday,” the expecting mother wrote on her Instagram story earlier this morning.

“My March babe clearly wants to be an April babe like their mama.” It comes only one day after Shaughna speculated that she might have given her firstborn.

Her child was due on March 25 but has yet to come. Earlier this week, the actress took to Instagram to reveal that her baby is officially here. She laughed when she shared a photo of some heartburn medication, “If I could get this on a 24 IV drip, that would be amazing.”

Shaughna Phillips of Love Island was photographed for the first time with her baby daddy before his arrival.

Shaughna Phillips from Love Island has been photographed alongside her baby daddy Billy for the first time.

The 28-year-old mother-to-be and her boyfriend were photographed arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport after a babymoon in Los Angeles.

Shaughna appears in the photos caressing her baby belly while donning a gray cardigan and tights. Meanwhile, Billy, dressed casually in a hoodie and comfortable pants, pulled a trolley containing the couple’s baggage.

Shaughna has remained snuggly about her partner’s name, claiming he desires to remain anonymous.

During a Q&A with the influencers on Instagram, one of her admirers recently asked, “Why are you so closed up / private when it comes to your relationship and love life?” You don’t reveal much.” In response to the mystery, the expectant mother stated, “It’s my boyfriend’s personal choice not to be placed on my social media, so I accept that.”

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