Shaughna Phillips of Love Island displays a sizable baby belly only days before giving birth.

Shaughna Phillips
Shaughna Phillips. Image source: The Scottish Sun

Shaughna Phillips of Love Island displays a sizable baby belly only days before giving birth.

Image source: The Irish Sun

Shaughna Phillips of Love Island has flaunted her enormous pregnancy belly as she approaches delivering her first child. Love Island actress Shaughna is anticipating her first baby later this month.

“Goodnight from my baby bump and my several heaps of laundry that can wait once again for another day,” the 28-year-old said in a message to her fans. Since Shaughna’s partner Billy Webb was detained for drug offences, Shaughna’s pregnancy has been drama-free.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Shaughna recently admitted that she hadn’t talked to him since his incarceration. She said: “I’m great at just saying, ‘OK, the show has to continue. Billy isn’t here, but I do not wish to imply that I’m doing it alone because I’m not at all; my family is amazing.

I would rather not say it will be horrible, but it will be different.” Added her: “I now have a rather poor back and am dealing with swollen legs, which accounts partly for why I’ve been spending so much more time in bed lately. Like the discomfort I experienced throughout my pregnancy, it changes over time.

“When I hold my tummy now, it feels quite heavy. I recognized that my body is trying to make up for it, which is why my back is hurting so badly.” She went on: “It’s only natural that my hips would continue to deteriorate. There isn’t much time left as I am 33 weeks pregnant. But aside from that, I’m currently in terrific health. The days till I join my little one are already being counted down for me.”

Shaughna also commented on her child’s breach: “Now that the baby is head down, it is wonderful. During one of my meetings with the midwife, they informed me that from this point forward, the baby rarely moves. Although I wouldn’t consider anything out, it appears that I will be able to give birth naturally, ideally without any pain. I am not, however, too posh to take painkillers.”

Shaugna Phillips, a Love Island contestant, gives a notification four days after going through early labour with her first kid.

Image source: OK!

The 28-year-old reality actress was receiving medical care on Monday and has since made her way back home. She is anticipating her first baby with her ex-boyfriend Billy Webb.

And although Shaughna has yet to confirm whether her child has arrived, she has offered her admirers an insight into her current circumstances.

She posted a screenshot of an online grocery order, including four croissants, a cucumber, six raspberries and strawberry yogurts, a selection of different crips, and guacamole on her Instagram Stories.

Shaughna went into early labour on Monday and was brought to the hospital.

Whether or not you have pregnant cravings, this seems like a fairly excellent basket of goods.

On social media, Shaughna disclosed that she was going to the hospital.

She stated, “So what started as a “come to work with me” reel transformed into a “come to the hospital with me,” next to a reel that showed her admittance.

‘I had my last job before the baby early this morning, an international women’s day panel, and just as my cab arrived, things suddenly changed as I was on my way to the hospital, where I’ve been told I’m in early labour. VERY QUICKLY, @annalingis transitioned from makeup artist to midwife!

Home now, baby still curled up neatly, and nature is doing its thing, as they say.

Shaughna referred to her baby’s due date earlier this month after Webb, the father of her unborn child, was detained for Class A narcotics possession with the intent to distribute.

“March, could you please be a decent month. That should be the month that my little lamb comes,” she wrote.

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