Sequel Plans updates by Stars Align Anime’s Director

Kazuki Akane plans to make scenes 13-24, yet can’t discover a creation organization

Stars Align anime chief Kazuki Akane provided details regarding Twitter on Tuesday that he has been not able to discover an organization willing to finance the creation of a continuation of the arrangement. Nonetheless, he is as yet intending to make scenes 13-24 of the anime sometime in the future.

Akane adds that the thirteenth scene will assist watchers with understanding the “Unique Fan Movie’s” new film that is set two years after the anime’s finale. Akane explained that there are no designs for a full-length highlight film.

The “Uncommon Fan Movie” short debuted in May 2020. The “remembrance special video” with the new film is set two years after the TV anime’s finale, when Maki Katsuragi, Tōma Shinjō, and others are present in secondary school. The short is the fourth section in the site’s “Creation Note” segment that advances the anime’s home video discharge.

Akane had said on Twitter in December 2019 that the arrangement’s story would proceed in some structure, albeit not really as an anime. The arrangement was initially arranged with 24 scenes, and the TV anime’s closure mirrors that structure.

Stars Align debuted in October 2019, and it ran for 12 scenes. Akane (Escaflowne arrangement and movie, Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Noein – to your other self) coordinated the anime at 8-Bit, and furthermore managed and composed the arrangement scripts. The teenager pre-adulthood story spins around the transitioning of young men in a middle school’s delicate tennis crew, which is nearly closing down.

The anime additionally got an “exceptional coordinated effort film” that started web-based on TBS Animation’s YouTube direct in March 2020. That limited-time video united the anime’s closure topic “Kago no Naka no Bokura wa” (We Inside a Cage) and its vocalist AIKI from Bless4 with artist Melochin, who gave the movement to the tune’s dance succession. The video was shot at Bless4’s studio space for the Stars Align home video discharge. The anime’s second home video volume incorporated the “exceptional coordinated effort film” and creation of video when it sent in April 2020.