Selma murder victim’s mother unhappy with murder sentence

The verdict given to a man from Selma found guilty of murder has deeply saddened the mother of the victim and left her furious.

Lakeisha Leggett is mourning the loss of her 20-year-old daughter, Shykereya. She is also angered by the sentence handed to the man convicted of her daughter’s murder. “My daughter’s life was important. She had someone who loved her. She was my best friend, not just my daughter,” expressed Leggett.


District Attorney Robert Turner, Jr. shared that Shykereya, a single mother, was an innocent bystander outside a local nightclub when gunfire broke out, resulting in her tragic death by multiple bullets.

Juantonio Cosby was convicted of murder and assault in a nightclub shooting back in 2017 by a Dallas County jury. Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins sentenced Cosby to a 20-year suspended sentence with 5 years of actual prison time to serve earlier this week. Turner mentioned that with credit for time served, Cosby may only have less than two years left to serve.

Leggett feels that the sentence diminishes the value of her daughter’s life and believes the justice system let her down. She expressed, “I didn’t ask for a life sentence or a fifty-year sentence. I just wanted a fair sentence.”

Cosby also received a 10-year sentence for an assault stemming from the same shooting incident. Turner noted that this additional sentence might not significantly impact Cosby’s overall prison time.