Sailor Moon: Asuka Langley from Evangelion transforms into Sailor Mars in this beautiful fanart

Asuka Langley is one of the most beloved people in the anime Neon Genesis Gospel No. With her harsh speech, innate aggressiveness, and combat skills, it’s practically impossible to imagine her being a character in other anime. Could you see the pilot as a fabulous character from Sailor Moon?

With the magic of the fanarts and the talents of the fan artists of both anime, a world where Asuka Langley fights evil as a powerful Sailor Scout is perfectly plausible.

Artist Tsunemoku, a Japanese illustrator fanatic of both Evangelion and Sailor Moon, decided to honor Asuka by transforming her into Sailor Mars. Thanks to the illustrator’s talent, Langley took the place of Rei Hino, the bearer of the flame, and became a friend of Serena Tsukino.

In the image, we must highlight the artist’s knowledge and care for the character and the two universes. Asuka was reincarnated in the Sailor Moon universe as Rei Hino, the tsundere character from the anime with enviable determination and tenacity. Hino always fought with Serena, although their conflicts were solved after a while, in the same way, that the pilot of the EVA with Shinji Ikari.

If Tsunemoku’s work catches your attention, we have good news for you. It has a whole gallery dedicated to the crossover between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Moon. For example, we have the inverse illustration. ¿ What if Sailor Mars was the pilot of the EVA 02?

We are very impressed with the work of the Japanese artist. You can see more of his fanarts by clicking here. What other Evangelion character would look great in the Sailor Moon universe? What do you think someone like Shinji would look like?