Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: 3D Animation Movie, Purchased by Eleven Arts

Prince of Tennis Ryoma Echizen
Prince of Tennis Ryoma Echizen

Eleven Arts, a film distributor, has agreed to acquire the North American licensing rights to Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis 3DCG anime film.

Moreover, Eleven Arts has announced the acquisition of the 2021 3D Japanese animated picture entitled Ryōma! Shinsei Gekijōban Tennis no Ōji-sama. 

The film acts as a transition between the first and second manga series. Takeshi Konomi, the film’s creator, and screenwriter oversaw its production and supplied music and lyrics to all of the film’s songs.

The film’s plot started with the main star Ryoma landing in the United States. Ryoma is keen to improve his skills and train in the United States after being inspired by his tennis champion father, Nanjiro .

However, Ryoma and Sakuno were sent back to the past while in the middle of a heated tennis match. Ryoma found Sakuno being harassed by a “tennis gang.” Ryoma swings a ball at them to help Sakuno, but ends up hitting a ball tossed by a mysterious wheelchaired man. 

At that moment, Ryoma and Sakuno travel back in time when Ryoma’s father Nanjiro was still playing in America as “Samurai Nanjiro.” Ryoma’s father was set to play his final championship match at the US Open when he was unexpectedly forced to retire, as published by the Crunchyroll site. 

Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis

In Japan, Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis premiered on September 3, 2021. The film grossed 419,197,830 yen, about $3.64 million. The film was released in two versions in theaters, each with slightly changed sequences to drive the tale down two parallel tracks. 

The full anime film was directed by Hiroshi Koujina at The Monk Studios and Keica, with assistance from Studio KAI, and is distributed by GAGA. Takehiko Hata created the story, Patricia Hishikawa was the CG supervisor, Kei Yoshimizu directed the animation, and Momoko Yamada directed the CG. 

The soundtrack was created by Kei Tsuda and directed by Takeshi Takadera. Takeshi Konomi, the author of the manga, composed all of the film’s insert music, including the rap tracks’ content, based on the report published by the Anime News Network site. 

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