Russian-Ukraine Crisis: Kremlin Troops Increase Shelling To Coerce Ukraine Government, Zelensky Says


On Monday, Russian forces attacked Ukraine’s second-largest city, causing havoc in a residential area as they closed in on Kyiv’s capital in a 40-mile convoy of tanks and other armored trucks.

The violence continues as talks to end the five-day war resulted in only an agreement to continue talking. The country’s embattled president claimed that the increased shelling was meant to force him to make concessions.

Shelling exerts pressure on Ukraine 

Putin escalated his rhetoric, calling the United States and its allies a “empire of lies.”The Kremlin brought up the threat of nuclear war for the second time in a row. They were informed that its nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines, and long-range bombers had all been placed on high alert response to President Vladimir Putin’s orders over the weekend.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes Russia uses this simple method to exert pressure on Ukraine. He did not detail the earlier hours-long discussions, but he did say that Kyiv was unwilling to make concessions while one side was hitting the other with rocket artillery.

According to the report of MSN, five days into its incursion, Russia discovered itself increasingly isolated in the face of mounting international criticism, as well as unexpectedly stiff opposition on the ground in Ukraine and economic devastation at home.

At least 7 killed and dozens injured in Kharkiv shelling 

They want to destroy their nationhood, which is why the capital is constantly under threat, according to Zelenskyy. According to Kharkiv authorities, at least seven people were killed, and dozens were injured. They warned that the number of casualties could be much higher.

Video from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city with about 1.5 million people, showed residential areas being shelled, with apartment buildings shaking from repeated, powerful explosions. There were flashes of fire and gray clouds of smoke visible. The government released footage from Kharkiv showing what appeared to be a home with water overflowing from a pierced ceiling. On the floor was what appeared to be an unexploded projectile, ABC News posted. 

Messages aimed at the approaching Russian troops appeared on billboards, bus stops, and electronic traffic signs throughout the capital. Some people used offensive language to persuade Russians to exit, while others tried to appeal to their humanity.

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