HEARTBREAKING MOMENT: Russian Troops Decry President Vladimir Putin’s Decision to Invade Ukraine

Image by - Mathias P.R. Reding/ Pexels

This is the tragic scene in which a group of Russian troops sobbed as they apologized for slaughtering civilians and children in Ukraine.

The seven military reconnaissance troops were shot down from Ukrainian airspace last week, according to sources, and the captured pilots criticized Vladimir Putin’s “treacherous invasion” during an emotional press conference on Sunday.

Russian troops plead for ceasefire

They were given the opportunity to speak with journalists from Interfax Ukraine News Agency and express their regret for their country’s actions. The Russian from Roschinsky, 34, then appealed with Putin to “stop sending soldiers” to shoot Ukrainians.

With his fellow soldiers on both sides and a microphone in front of him, he pleaded with his country to lay down its weapons. Disappointed Russian troops begged to come home in intercepted calls with their families last week, alleging they were being “massacred” in Ukraine, according to The Sun.

One terrified trooper broke down in tears as kind-hearted Ukrainians aided him in calling his mother. Another characterized himself and his buddies as “cannon fodder,” promising to “do whatever” to get home.

Zelensky strives hard to negotiate with Russia

Russian troops have suffered worse losses during their invasion of Ukraine than during the Chechnya conflict, according to footage released by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said in his nightly TV address that they have suffered worse losses during their invasion of his country than during the Chechnya conflict.

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are due to resume on Tuesday, with Zelensky claiming “pretty good” progress thus far. Footage of captured Russian soldiers has sparked debate about whether Ukraine is abiding by the Geneva Conventions, which protect POWs, NY Post reported.

In a recent tweet, Andrew Stroehlein, a human rights campaigner and Human Rights Watch’s European media director, stated that “humiliating or making POWs a topic of public curiosity or derision is completely banned by the rules of war.”

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