In a brand-new candid video for “Beso,” Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro reveal their engagement

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In a brand-new candid video for “Beso,” Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro reveal their engagement.

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One of the most talked-about couples in the business is Rosala and Rauw Alejandro, two of the biggest names in Latin music.

Known for her flamenco-infused pop and reggaeton singles like “Malamente,” “With Altura” with J Balvin and El Guincho, as well as “La Fama” with The Weeknd and “La Noche de Anoche” with Bad Bunny, the 30-year-old Spanish singer is best known for her flamenco-infused pop and reggaeton.

The 30-year-old Puerto Rican musician Alejandro, whose real name is Ral Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, has been releasing success after hit, including “Todo de Ti,” “Lokera,” and “Te Felicito,” which features Shakira.

Alejandro and Rosalia have been dating for over a year after initial romance rumors surfaced in August 2021.

The music video for “Beso,” the first track from Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro’s recently released joint EP “R&R,” appeared to be the couple’s announcement of their engagement to one another.

Rauw and Rosalia are dancing in one of his videos.
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The Latin music dynamic duo was captured in several cities, including Puerto, the United Kingdom, Rico, Japan, the Dominican Republic,  Spain, France, and the United States, in the adorable homemade music video for “R&R,” which was released on Friday. Also, there are multiple views of them kissing, as the Spanish song’s title suggests.

The three-minute music video’s pivotal moment occurs when Rosala flashes a sparkling diamond ring and cries, “Oh my gosh, and my mascara is all messy now. I love you,” she says before kissing Alejandro.

The couple’s relationship was first publicly acknowledged in September of last year. Still, they have been dating for three years, and many people predicted that they would soon become engaged or had already done so.

Variety contacted Alejandro and Rosala’s representatives for additional confirmation but did not respond immediately.

Are Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro engaged?

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The music video for “Beso,” the first track from Rosala and Rauw Alejandro’s recently released joint EP “R&R,” appeared to be the couple’s announcement of their engagement to one another.

Rosala provided backing vocals for “Dile an Él” off Rauw’s 2020 album “Afrodisaco,” They have also produced and written a few other songs together. “R&R” is their first joint release, but they have contributed to each other’s discographies in other ways.

What did Rosalia say to Rauw?

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Rosalia claimed, “The males I’ve been surrounded with in my life were incredibly emotionally unresponsive. “With you, it was the first time I didn’t feel that. You seemed unafraid to embrace and be loved, in my opinion. In return, Rauw leaned in for a smooch.

Rosala remarked in a statement that released the album’s release, “With us, it’s always romance first and then all the others, but this time we bypassed it to finish ‘RR’ and share it with everyone.” These three songs, each corresponding to a distinct love stage, have finally been released after over three years.

“We always knew we were interested in creating music together,” Alejandro continued. But we needed to wait till the right moment, keeping our relationship in mind. It’s taken a while, and it’s not been easy to condense my sentiments for her into tunes. This implies that I will continue to write and create numerous songs with and about her throughout the day. We are ecstatic about this initiative. “RR” always.”

What is rosaliayrauw’s ‘Vampiros’ and ‘Promesa’ music video?

The duo provides an intimate view of their relationship in the three songs of the project, and the corresponding music video seeks to evoke the same sensation. The “Vampiros” and “Promesa” music videos will be available soon; interested parties may find out more at

How did Cardi B react to Rosalia’s engagement video?

Throughout the morning, the couple’s and other artists’ fans started responding to the video. One of the first people to wish the pair well on Instagram Stories was Cardi B, who shared a screenshot of Rosalia wearing her engagement ring. “SSo sweet almost made me weep,” the “WAP” rapper said on the Story.

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