Roblox: Use Anime Fighters Simulator to Win Defense Tokens

Roblox: Use Anime Fighters Simulator to Win Defense Tokens to Travel to Different Anime Worlds
Roblox: Use Anime Fighters Simulator to Win Defense Tokens to Travel to Different Anime Worlds

There are a number of different defense portals strewn across the islands, but you’ll need a Defense Token to access them. It’s not difficult to obtain the tokens.  Another amazing approach to win big in Anime Fighters Simulator is to use defense gateways. 

Passing the defending trials can earn gamers Multi-Opens and other improvements, making collecting the finest fighters much easier and less time-consuming.  Anime Fighters Simulator cheat codes can help you advance quickly through the power levels, improve your luck to collect better drops, and acquire levels faster, according to the MSN News website. This popular Roblox game features a large number of customizable characters, but it’s not all about fighting there’s also exploration, stores, and a complex advancement system that can be aided by the helpful codes.

Roblox Anime Fighters 

Sulley’s Roblox game, Anime Fighters Simulator formerly titled Anime Fighters, has recognizable anime fighters to utilize against adversaries. We’ve gathered all of the Anime Fighters Simulator codes in one place so you can obtain all of the prizes and improve your gameplay.

There are codes in this game, as in many Roblox games, that grant players free stuff and perks as they play, such as damage increases, yen, and luck. Sulley, the game’s developer, generates and distributes the codes as the game reaches certain milestones.

Free Codes:

  • 2k22  – Free Boost and Defence Tokens
  • PsychicCity – Rewards
  • sulley1m – Free Boost
  • Underworld – Free Boosts
  • 1MilFaves – Free Boost
  • KingdomFour – Free Boosts
  • 700klikes – Free Boost
  • bruhmoment – Rewards
  • IceWastes – Merchant boosts
  • HalfBillion – Boosts and Raid Ticket
  • otrademark – Free Divine Fruit

How to get Roblox tokens? 

1. Spin the Daily Wheel

You can obtain a Defense Token by spinning the daily wheel without having to do anything. However, you only stand a slim chance of winning a token, so this isn’t a surefire way to get them. Still, spinning costs nothing and can be done on a regular basis, so it’s worth a try.

2. Buy them in the Time Trial Shop

Buying Defense Tokens directly from the Time Trial Shop is probably the best and most dependable way to get them. You’ll need Time Trial Shards to purchase them. These shards are awarded to players who finish time trials, and the higher the reward, the further into the dungeon they go. 

Depending on the trial you complete, you may need to repeat this step several times to get the required amount for token purchase. However, if you complete numerous levels, you should have plenty of shards in no time.

Try Roblox codes!

Using Codes is another simple way to get tokens, shards, fruit, and other improvements without having to do anything other than type in a word. In the past, some codes would offer the player a free Defense Token. 

These codes are replaced on a regular basis, and while there is no certainty as to what they will be in the future, there is a chance of acquiring a token through this approach. Keep a close eye on Twitter for new codes, or visit our website, where we post them as soon as they become available, according to the Pro Game Guides.

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