Queen Elizabeth Death Plan: What Will Happen To Royal Family After Her Majesty’s Demise?


When the gossip website Hollywood Unlocked stated that Queen Elizabeth II had died, everyone was shocked and puzzled. The fake news item was based on the Queen catching coronavirus and choosing to rest rather than perform her virtual responsibilities, causing a flurry of health concerns — and one unsubstantiated death announcement.

Queen Elizabeth’s death spreads online

The article’s author, HU editor Jason Lee, who frequently hangs out with Kanye West, flatly refused to remove the terrible story. The Queen is still alive. But the narrative of why the rest of the world believed she was getting stranger by the day, as per Grazia Daily.

Finally, Hollywood Unlocked issued an apology on Twitter. According to the post, an intern had submitted a draft piece by accident, and the mix-up was an “embarrassing issue.” HU stated that they had extended their “deepest apologies” to the royal family, and you’d think that was the end of it. According to the original narrative of the conspiracy, the Queen was supposed to attend Vogue editor Edward Enninful‘s wedding but was “discovered dead.”

Many individuals on social media have speculated that Hollywood Unlocked confused up the Queen’s death with the death of Mark Lanegan, the singer of Queens Of The Stone Age, who died on Tuesday and was far more likely to have attended Enninful’s wedding because many of the attendees ran in similar circles. However, what would happen to the British Royal family if Her Majesty died? Let’s see what we can find out!

What will happen if the monarch passes away?

Before the public learns of the queen’s death, the news will be communicated first within the royal walls. Sir Christopher Geidt, the queen’s private secretary, is charged with informing the Prime Minister that Her Majesty has died.

Queen Elizabeth’s death will then be communicated to the 15 countries in which she is the head of state, as well as the 36 Commonwealth countries. The press will be given a statement, and the public will be informed about the queen’s visit through coverage from various media channels.

After his mother dies away, Prince Charles will immediately ascend to the throne. While his mother is in the hospital, Prince Charles is expected to go to Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, according to British Heritage. And in St. James’s Palace, he will speak for the first time as the new monarch.

Prince Charles’ coronation, on the other hand, will not take place until a few months following the queen’s death. Prince Charles will also choose a title for himself as king. Per Business Insider, there are forecasts that he will be known as King Charles III.

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