Prince Charles’ Secret Children May Receive Royal Titles When Step-Father Takes The Throne

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Experts say that if Prince Charles gets control of the British throne, Duchess Camilla’s children would “undoubtedly” become full-fledged royals.

Camilla’s two children from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles are now adults who want to spend their lives quietly and out of the spotlight. Laura  Lopes is an art curator and Tom Parker Bowles is a well-known food writer. Could they become titled royals if their stepfather Prince Charles ascends to the throne?

Prince Charles’ step-children may have royal titles in the future

It’s a conundrum with no clear solution because what to do with royal stepchildren is a precedent that has yet to be established. However, royal commentator Brian Hoey tells the Daily Express that “we have never, ever had children of a King or Queen who remained untitled–so that will be interesting,” referring to the Queen’s recent statement that it is her wish for Parker Bowles and Lopes’ mother, Camilla, to become Queen Consort one day.

Is it possible that the Parker Bowles children will be raised up? ” According to him, the titles would be trivial and would have no bearing on the royal family’s working core.

Despite their mother’s marriage to Prince Charles, the future King of the United Kingdom, Tom and Laura have very ordinary lives: Tom is a food writer and critic, while Laura is an art curator.

While Tom and Laura maintain a low profile in their everyday lives, they are known to be close with their step-brothers Prince Harry and Prince William; both brothers attended Laura’s wedding in 2006, and Laura was also a bridesmaid at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding in 2011.

Laura and Tom have successful careers outside of the royal spotlight, yet the siblings are close with the royal family and are frequently seen on important occasions. Prince Charles’ stepchildren made their first public appearance during their mother’s royal wedding for official photos and have since mostly gone unseen, according to Mirror.

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