Pokemon’s Latest Anime Short Has Left Fans Stunned

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world and will grow even further in 2021. Between its video games and trading cards, the brand is thriving and anime is living its best life. However, the TV series immerses itself in unprecedented topics and special new animated life that captures the phenomenon.

In case you didn’t know, Pokemon just launched one of the most ambitious specials to date. Similar to Twilight Wings, this so-called PokeToon started YouTube last weekend. Her fans have been treated to an original story about a young girl who started her dream to train Pokemon and her fans are wild.

As you can see in the slide below, the new Pokemon shorts spark fans’ imaginations and they want more. This short film provides a first-hand look at the Pokemon universe that anime and video games never give. All of this combined with stunning artwork with good support from Studio Colorado so you can see why the fans are so excited.

Obviously, Pokemon is living its best life with this short, and fans aren’t silent about their desire for more. Anime weekly does just that with Ash Ketchum, but netizens believe there is room for another series that goes along with this short one. And if a miniseries like this ever gets ordered, well – you know the fans are going to be going crazy for a while.