Pokémon: 10 useful moves Ash’s Pikachu could have learned from the anime

Ash’s Pikachu has become one of the most powerful Pokémon in the series, but there are more moves it could learn to make it even stronger.

Although Pikachu’s electric-type offense is unmatched in the Pokémon anime, there are several moves, spanning different types and styles, that could change Ash and Pikachu’s approaches and battle strategies, potentially making them more formidable rivals.

Therefore, any moves that can be taught to Pikachu starting in Gen VIII of the games can be considered to potentially enhance Pikachu’s move-arsenal.

10 The nasty plot is out of the question but would offer a substantial boost to the special attack

Starting from the Gen VIII games, Pikachu can learn Filthy Plot, a Dark-type move that significantly increases the user’s special attack stat. Using it at the beginning of battles would allow Ash’s already powerful electric-type offensive attacks from Pikachu to be even more forceful, being able to end battles earlier.

While there are different types of moves that could be useful for Pikachu, such as Dig, Brick Break, and Thief, Nasty Plot allows Pikachu to use its effective STAB moves to do more damage, rather than add more versatility.

9 Body Slam would hit hard with the right momentum

In “Electric Shock”, Ash and Pikachu faced Lieutenant Surge and his Raichu twice, having lost the first battle. Although Raichu failed to try to Body Slam on Pikachu due to his lack of speed, it was clear how devastating this move could be if he actually fell.

Given Pikachu’s shorter stature compared to its evolved counterpart, Body Slam’s damage and effectiveness might not be as useful or devastating. However, in true Ash fashion, if he came up with a way to get Pikachu to pick up speed and momentum before using Body Slam, he would be sure to hit hard.

8 double-teaming would help Pikachu become untouchable

Although the use of Agility is often used in the anime in a similar way to Double Team in the games, Ash’s Pikachu could have benefited from using a move to aid evasion rather than focusing on his sheer speed to confuse. to opponents.

Double Team is often used in games to frustrate opponents and, if used enough times, make the user’s Pokémon virtually untouchable. A similar app featuring Pikachu in the anime would have made him even more unstoppable than he already is.

7 Electric terrain could change the battlefield in Pikachu’s favor

Electric Terrain is a move that covers the battlefield with electricity, greatly boosting Electric-type moves. If Ash made his Pikachu use this at the beginning of a battle, to give him more advantage, it would also make Pikachu’s strength more believable.

This would make for an interesting change in the dynamics of battles in the anime, as Ash’s opponents would, in theory, be more cautious with Pikachu and try to find counterweights to the now overloaded electric-type moves.

6 The substitute would be a perfect tactic to launch a counterattack

Ash’s strategies tend to revolve around total offense and then use and adapt to the environment creatively. An alternative to this way of fighting would be for your Pikachu to learn Substitution. As the name suggests, Substitute causes the user to create a clone of himself that, in turn, takes a hit from the opponent before disappearing.

Although it is not a move that can be used over and over again, it could well be used to absorb a powerful move during one of Ash’s toughest battles, allowing Pikachu to launch a counterattack having taken no damage, and thus continue on the battlefield. battle for a longer time.

5 Thunder Strike would add a short-range electric-type move to Pikachu’s arsenal

For Ash’s Pikachu to learn Thunder Strike wouldn’t necessarily add much to his arsenal, aside from having an Electric-type move for close combat. The fact that it has small arms suggests that while a Thunder Strike wouldn’t be overly powerful, it could allow for a sneak attack if the opponent isn’t expecting a Thunder Strike from such a small Pokémon.

It would depend on the type of battle, but whenever Pikachu has used Iron Tail on a Pokémon that could have been hit by an Electric move, Thunder Strike would have been a better alternative.

4 Play Rough would give Pikachu more options

Play Hard is a 90-power Fairy-type move that was introduced in Generation VI games, in the Sun and Moon anime with Mimikyu, and was able to be taught to Pikachu in Generation VIII games.

A very damaging physical move other than Normal, Steel, or Electric would add an interesting dimension to Pikachu’s offense. The introduction of the Fairy-type provided an additional counter to the powerful Dragon-type, and the fact that Ash’s Pikachu has this option would make any battle against Dragon trainers like Claire, Lance, and Iris much more interesting.

3 Dig could make Pikachu more unpredictable

In the X & Y series , in “Full Volume Battle”, Serena, disguised as Ash because he is sick, and Pikachu confront Jimmy and his Pikachu, Spike. Spike knows of two moves that we haven’t seen a Pikachu use in the anime yet, Thunder Strike and Dig.

Dig not only brings a different type of attack, but also adds an element of unpredictability to a battle, in which the opponent does not know exactly where the user Pokémon will come out. For Ash’s Pikachu to know Dig could help in many battle situations, and while the anime sometimes ignores Electric’s weakness to Ground, this would add an interesting dynamic to Pikachu’s move set in such a situation.

2 Volt Switch could allow new multipokémon strategies

Volt Switch causes the user to attack his opponent with a surge of electricity before returning to his trainer, allowing a free switch. It’s comparable to the U-turn move, but the fact that it’s Electric-type, unlike the U-turn Bug, makes it theoretically better offensively than its Bug counterpart.

It would allow Ash to use a few different strategies, luring in an opposing trainer to prepare to take on Pikachu before instantly taking out a different Pokémon, all while dealing a bit of damage.

1 The Wave of Thunder slows down opponents and turns the tide of battle

Thunder Wave is a move Pikachu should have learned from the anime. The ability to freeze and slow opponents would have been perfect for Ash in his toughest battles, against gym leaders and enemies of the Pokémon League.

Although Ash is limited to making his Pikachu use totally offensive moves, aside from occasionally using Agility, Thunderwave would have added a new dimension to Pikachu and definitely would have helped him win some battles that took longer than he would have liked.