Phone Battery Saving Tips You Wish You Knew from the Start

Phone battery saving tips
A Samsung phone's notification panel

Smartphones currently employ rechargeable phone batteries, which have been around for decades. John Goodenough, a key scientist in the development of contemporary batteries, said that lithium batteries, according to a report, are the focus of current research.

With a mobile phone, you can pay with mobile money, hire a cab, or meet someone, but when the phone is at 1%, are we gonna survive having a phone without a power bank? Here are some phone battery saving tips to maximize that you wish you knew from the start.

Tips to maximize, prolong phone battery’s life

  • Switching off location

Android phones allow you to disable GPS tracking completely or only allow specific apps to track your whereabouts. See Settings > Apps to see which apps are accessing your location, and then turn them off one by one.

  • Closing idle apps

According to Khaleej Times, you should close battery-draining applications when not in use. If an app is still active, even if it’s operating in the background, it still consumes battery power.

  • DON’T charge your phone up to 100%

Using a high voltage charger and charging your phone to 100 percent all the time might drain your phone’s battery quickly. When your phone’s battery is between 30 and 80 percent, it’s time to remove the charger and charge it again. This will extend the battery’s life.

  • Charge your phone during the day

As mentioned by Hapa Kenya, charge your phone during the day, not overnight, to maintain its battery healthy. The battery drains when a phone is left plugged in. When the charge level dips below the manufacturer’s threshold, it will automatically recharge.

Ultimately, this can accelerate battery degeneration, leaving your phone at 0% faster than when you got it. If you charge your phone at night, don’t cover it with a pillow as this can overheat the battery and reduce its performance.

  • Pushing notifications can also drain your phone battery

Push notifications have the potential to reduce battery life. They may be turned off easily in the settings or through the notification bar on your phone.

  • Turning “Smart Battery Mode” on

Android devices have features like Smart Battery Mode that help conserve battery life, reducing the frequency with which you need to recharge your phone. Battery life can be extended by switching to dark mode on your phone, as less power is required to keep the display on your phone bright. To get to this, go to the Settings menu and select Display from the drop-down menu.

If everything else fails, it may be necessary to put money aside to get a new battery or a new smartphone.

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