Petitions for More Stimulus Checks, One of the Most Signed Online

Petitions for More Stimulus Checks, One of the Most Signed Online
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A petition for continuous stimulus payments from a Denver restaurant owner hit its goal of three million signatures earlier this month and is still gathering signatures at a rapid pace.

By the 27th of January, the petition had accumulated nearly 25,000 new signatures. The next objective appears to be 4.5 million people. If that objective is met, the petition will become one of the most popular on

Petition for adult and children stimulus check 

The petition asks Congress to provide a $2,000 stipend for adults and a $1,000 payment for children until the healthcare crisis. Stephanie Bonin, the restaurant owner who began the petition. She wrote that she is one of the millions of Americans who are concerned about her financial future due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Layoffs, furloughs, the self-employed, and those with reduced hours, according to Bonin, will struggle to pay their rent or put food on the table. Their country is still in dire straits, and their restaurant community is grappling with the realization that all they have fought so hard for has been irreversibly altered, reported. 

The Senior Citizens League is circulating yet another popular stimulus check petition. The organization has been lobbying Congress to pass the fourth batch of stimulus checks, making $1,400 direct payments to just Social Security recipients. According to a recent tweet by the Senior Citizens League, the petition has been signed by more than 95,000 people.

According to the petition, now is the time for you to support an emergency $1,400.00 stimulus check for Social Security recipients.

Reason why a fourth stimulus check is being pushed for

The IRS distributed nearly 169 million payments in the third batch of direct stimulus assistance, with $1,400 checks reaching most American households. On the other hand, some advocates and lawmakers are requesting the fourth round of stimulus funds, which would be provided in installments until the pandemic is finished.

Despite this assistance, millions of Americans remain in financial distress, and the expansion of the Omicron variant is exacerbating the problem. As a result, the unemployment rate is 4.2 percent, more significant than the 3.5 percent pre-pandemic level. The increase of COVID-19 instances is hitting demand in the leisure, entertainment, travel, and restaurant industries, CBS NEws posted. 

Stimulus funding is no longer available for many people, a subject that many Americans are concerned about as they continue to battle with joblessness and a sluggish labor market. However, some advocates are encouraging lawmakers to support new stimulus efforts, particularly for one group that has been severely hit by soaring inflation due to the pandemic.

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