Pagans Biker Gang Actively Recruits for Years, Ex-Undercover ATF Agent Reveals

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A motorcycle gang so brutal that a member removed his artificial leg to knock a senseless man with the limb is aggressively expanding its territory in New York, according to a former ATF agent who infiltrated the group.  Pagans wear their colors on the streets of New York City today, according to former ATF agent Ken Croke, 54, who spent two years undercover with the gang. There are a lot of pagans out there who are actively recruiting and have been for a long time.

Pagan bikers gang is back 

Following his undercover investigation, twenty Pagans were apprehended and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit drugs, firearms, and conspiracy to commit murder, among other charges. However, according to the former Fed, the gang has stormed back in recent years.

Croke wrote that Pagan members sold crystal meth and guns, gang-raped women, victimized rivals, and blackmailed businesses. He saw the gang rob local businesses for old-fashioned protection money. He even assisted Pagans in transporting the body of a presumed murder victim from one upstate grave to another. The discovery of the body near Swan Lake, about 80 miles north of New York City, sparked a heated debate within the ATF about law-enforcement ethics, GWN reported. 

Gang expanding their presence 

Croke claims that recruits are educated on gang history and legends. The Pagans were founded in Maryland around 1957 by legendary biker Lou Dobkin, who wore patches with the word “Pagan” in a medieval-style blue font on a white “cloud,” with red stitching around the edges.

The cloud patch features an image of the sword-wielding Norse god Surtr and a 1% patch to represent the most violent biker gangsters. Affiliated Pagans use the same medieval font with a blue-on-white number 16. The letter P is the sixteenth in the alphabet, according to New York Post. 

Following a takeover attempt of the gang by Keith “Conan” Richter of Bay Shore, Long Island, in 2018, the Pagans’ presence grew. In 1998, the ruthless outlaw was sentenced to 16 years in prison for ordering the assassination of a Long Island strip club owner who stopped paying heathen extortion money. 

In October, he was convicted of recent weapons charges and is currently serving a 36-month sentence. Croke estimates that the Pagans now have about 2,000 members nationwide, with 12 chapters in New York: four on Long Island, four upstate, and four in New York. In all five boroughs, the Bronx has always been the heathen territory

The most violent biker gang in the United States

Since the 1960s, outlaw motorcycle gangs have been a sore point of US police departments. These life-threatening organizations are now involved in criminal activity on both coasts and throughout the American heartland. Gangs such as the Mongols, Pagans, and Bandidos are still active today, in addition to the Hells Angels. Two high-ranking Pagans were recently charged with federal crimes for allegedly beating a man they mistook for a Hells Angels member.

Many outlaw bikers were reluctant to associate with the Warlocks because of their brutal reputation. The gang has a history of indiscriminate killings of police officers and attacks on rival leaders. The Warlocks are most active in Florida, where 11 chapters exist. Their influence stretches north of the border: four members were arrested in a massive drug and gun bust in Alberta, Canada, in 2014., Complex reported. 

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