Overseas Fans get surprise for Osamu Kobayashi Memorial

Incredible chief associated with BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, Naruto Shippūden, Paradise Kiss, and numerous other anime works of art

Tokyo, Japan

On the evening of April 17, 2021, anime chief Osamu Kobayashi lost his two-year battle against kidney malignant growth and died at 57 years old.

Kobayashi-san was most popular as the overseer of the BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad TV anime to fans abroad. Yet, all through his vocation, what began in 1988 doing the mechanical plan and key movement on the DRAGON’S HEAVEN OVA, he contacted the existences of many, regardless of whether that was through his works, his style, his adoration for exciting music, and his adorable character and mentality.

Presently a commemoration page has been opened for fans from across the world to send their messages of affection to the group of Kobayashi-san.

Fans are urged to compose whatever recollections they have of Osamu Kobayashi-san and what his work meant for them through the Google Forms interface underneath.