Over $500K awarded to Alabama drug rehabilitation services

A total of $570,570 has been granted to four Alabama agencies that provide drug rehabilitation to continue their efforts in drug rehabilitation. Governor Kay Ivey emphasized the importance of structured professional help for those struggling with drug addiction.
She praised the agencies for their dedication to offering support and hope to individuals seeking to transform their lives. Kenneth Boswell, the ADECA Director, expressed support for these agencies that help individuals make positive changes in their lives and start afresh.
The Alabama Administrative Office of Courts received $150,000 to support juvenile courts in providing drug treatment programs and promoting family involvement. The RCA Foundation was granted $149,778 to sustain a drug treatment program in south-central Alabama for individuals involved in drug offenses.
The Dallas County Commission received $120,792 to continue the Dallas County Adult Drug Court program for non-violent offenders. The Mobile Community Corrections Center was allocated $150,000 to maintain a drug treatment and supervision program for individuals in Mobile County convicted of drug-related offenses.
 These funds were provided by the U.S. Department of Justice and channeled through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.