One-Punch Man: Garou’s Monster Continue to Grow Unlocking His Full Power

One-Punch Man: Garou's Monster Continue to Grow Unlocking His Full Power
One-Punch Man: Garou's Monster Continue to Grow Unlocking His Full Power

In the latest chapter of the series, One-Punch Man has begun to unleash Garou’s full strength! Garou is one of the most exciting moving pieces as the Human Monster narrative reaches its culmination with the final clashes between both the Hero and Monster Associations.

With each new chapter, his monster form has grown stronger, and he has continued fighting it alone with the strength of his will. These two forces have combined to create a new degree of power, and he has progressed to a new level with each fight and occasion.

The latest part of the book continues this tendency, as Garou grows even stronger against the giant centipede as his war with the professional hero Metal Bat that was also growing him in a lot of ways continues.

Garou climbs the centipede’s side as swiftly as it flies into space, and he does not just catch up, but he also gets there in time to totally crush the centipede’s core and sever the monster’s gigantic body in half with a single stroke.

Garou gets a flashback of when his former mentor Fang was amazed by his powers, and he knows that he has finally awakened his strongest self. 

Garou views his gigantic new strength as a godsend and sees it as a complete progression of the style he has already been aiming towards throughout the narrative. As the chapter draws to a close, he stands victorious, and he plans to use his newly obtained ability on his next victim, according to the Comic Book site.


Garou is a supervillain, a martial arts prodigy, and the self-proclaimed “Hero Hunter,” as well as a prominent foe of both the Hero and Monster Associations. He was a former Bang disciple who was ejected from his dojo after a killing spree.

Garou is a young man with angular features, long silver hair, and yellow eyes with two huge prongs that give him the appearance of a juvenile wolf. He has a robust physique. He’s dressed in a tight black long-sleeved shirt, loose white martial arts leggings, a yellow belt around his hips, and tai chi slippers.

Garou’s appearance gradually gets more monster-like as the Human Monster Saga progresses. He takes off his clothes and covers his upper body in a bandage after being struck by Saitama. His right eye gets crimson and bloodshot while fighting Genos, and his hair turns red after rubbing his own blood into it as posted on the One-Punch Man Fandom.

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