NU’EST Disband: Members To Go Their Own Ways This March as Contract Expires


NU’EST and Pledis Entertainment confirmed on February 28 that the band would disband in March. The K-pop group first appeared in 2012 and will disband after nearly ten years together. NU’EST will “cap off” their official group activities this month,  the statement says. 

Baekho, Minhyun stay with PLEDIS 

The announcement comes just 15 days after NU’EST celebrated its tenth year of artistic life. The quintet was the first boy band to debut under the Pledis agency and was well-liked by K-pop fans.

Members JR, Aron, and Ren have opted to leave the company to start anew,” while Baekho and Minhyun have decided to renew their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment. It is unclear whether Baekho and Minhyun will continue as soloists or as a duo.

NU’EST will also release an album in March, their last activity as a five-member group before disbandment, according to the statement. PLEDIS Entertainment wishes the members the best for their new leap forward and growth and will keep cheering for their bright future ahead of them, Rappler posted. 

Members’ emotional notes to fans 

Even though NU’EST is disbanding, all of their letters have one thing in common: they all express their love for L.O.E., the Showbiz Cheatsheet wrote. 

He is terrified of doing things independently, but he intends to stick with the fans. He wants to work hard to repay the love he has received over the last ten years, and he would appreciate it if fans continued to accompany him on this journey, Aron wrote in his letter.

He’s already been a NU’EST member for ten years as Baekho. Baekho thinks about everything that happened before their debut until now; he has treasured new dreams, reached those dreams, made new dreams, and experienced it first hand he had never anticipated.

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