New Baby in the Family? Avail $5,000 Tax Refund This Year

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One group of Americans has assured a $5,000 payment if they complete their taxes to receive it this year. Individuals who added a new kid to their family in 2021 can receive $5,000 in stimulus money in 2022.

Parents Can Start Filing This Year 

If you had a child in 2021, that child counts as a dependent for the stimulus check and the Child Tax Credit. However, when the IRS was giving out these funds, it would not have known about this child. As a result, families who welcomed a new kid into their family missed the  $5,000 in stimulus funding that they should have received in 2021, but they will be able to claim the money soon, Nasdaq posted. 

In 2021, those payments will automatically be based on previous tax filings. However, until it was time to file taxes, a family would not need to notify the IRS about the addition of a child. That means they may not have earned any of the monthly child tax credit payments or the $1,400 stimulus payment for dependents that they were eligible for. In addition, parents with children under the age of six would be suitable for $3,600 under the child tax credit increase authorized by Congress in 2021. Those with children aged 6 to 17 years old would receive $3,000, ABC 10 posted. 

$5,000 Break Down 

From 2021 onwards, there was a built-in stimulus payment of $1,400 per dependent and an enlarged Child Tax Credit worth $3,600 for children under the age of six and $3,000 for children from six to seventeen.

That means that a family who falls into the category will be able to get their hands on a $5,000 payout shortly. The $1,400 check and the expanded Child Tax Credit are available to anyone who added an older dependent, such as parents who adopted a child over the age of six. Instead of $5,000, qualified families will receive $4,400.

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