New Address? Do Not Forget to Update IRS and UPS

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For many reasons, the IRS sends millions of notices and letters to taxpayers each year, so make sure your postal address is up to date. There are a few things you’ll need to add to your to-do list if you’re moving soon or if you’ve already moved. If you’re moving, it’s a good idea to notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as soon as possible.

You may have neglected to send your mail through the USPS or inform the IRS of your new address while moving and settling into your new home. For example, suppose you don’t update your information with both agencies. In that case, you can miss out on money and vital letters, such as Letter 6419 connected to the child tax credit or Letter 6475 related to missing stimulus money. Not all post offices send government checks therefore informing the IRS is also necessary, according to

To guarantee that you receive any refunds or letters from the IRS, notify them.  Internal Revenue Service taxpayers are now being updated using the Postal Service’s change of address files. You may want to notify the IRS directly if you have any questions.

Reasons Why You Keep IRS and UPS Updated 

According to MSN, here’s why you should update your address as soon as possible.

First, as a result, your child tax credit for 2021 will be kept current in the final version. Your payments were most likely sent as paper checks if you didn’t have a direct deposit account with the IRS set up for you. If you’ve just moved and haven’t changed your information with the IRS or USPS, your money may have been delivered to your old address, causing a delay as you wait for your check to be rerouted to your new location.

Second, it’s also a good idea to make sure you get your missing stimulus check-in. Through the end of 2021, stimulus checks were given out in a variety of states, and some states even sent out additional checks that you wouldn’t have received if your address hadn’t been altered. If you haven’t received any stimulus money, you’ll have to file a tax return to get it back. If it comes down to it, you want to make sure you obtain the IRS letter proving when it sent your payment. If it comes down to it, the IRS notice will be your ticket to settling any errors or making a claim for missing money this year.

 Third, you request a refund for the previous year. Ensure that the information you supplied when you submitted your tax return is right if you filed your taxes late last year and expect your tax refund to arrive in the mail. It’s easy to forget to update your address information, especially if you use tax software that saves your information for simple filing. Ensure the USPS if you changed your address in the tax filing system.

Lastly, to get a refund and a tax return for this year, if you plan to move after you complete your taxes on January 24, make sure you update your information in the system. This will ensure that your tax refund is not delayed or erroneous.

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