Netflix Ends 30-day Free Trial as it Closes on 200 Million Subscribers

Netflix Ends 30-day Free Trial as it Closes on 200 Million Subscribers
Netflix Ends 30-day Free Trial as it Closes on 200 Million Subscribers

Netflix offered a pretty amazing one-month free trial to its subscribers, which people were in love with. Most of us have benefitted from the one-month free trial offer. Recently, Netflix has terminated this offer for real as it hit 200 million subscriber count on a global level. The official site suggests that the free trial offer does not exist anymore.

It seems like Netflix is done with attracting new customers through a free-tag, which also means that it has more faith in its content. When a platform believes in quality content, it doesn’t need to depend on offers and discounts as it trusts that audience will still be there for the content. This develops a sense of loyalty between the company and the consumers of its products.

What did the one-month free trial offer to the subscribers?

The one-month free trial was pure bliss for content lovers as they could continue streaming and downloading stuff free of any cost. The users needed to log in or sign up for Netflix. It was followed by an option to claim the free trial period of one month. After entering the payment details, the subscribers could continue to enjoy the free month of content streaming and downloading without any issues. The best part was that the free trial could be chosen under any plan. So, even if a person wishes to continue with the basic plan, he could use the premium plan while running the free trial and change the plan whenever he wanted to do so.

This was an amazing offer for Netflix lovers as they could enjoy all the available features for one month without having to pay anything.

A lot of people had been using this free trial for their benefit. The plan of stacking up shows to watch and binge-watching them in the free month trial is not something new to hear about.

Cancellation of Netflix’s free trial

Well, the decision was not a once and for all decision. Netflix had already started canceling this feature for a lot of international markets. It had slowly and gradually made the free trial feature unavailable for several countries over time since 2018.

Although the audience has many options to avail of the free trial service from several streaming platforms, Netflix is not the only one to end the free trial service. Sometime back, Disney+ also canceled its 7-day trial.

The viewers will now have to pay from the get-go as Netflix has become more of an original content platform than just a streaming platform for already popular shows.

Watch Free feature on Netflix.

A new feature has been added to Netflix. A watch for free section has been added on Netflix to watch some specific shows, and some selected episodes of popular shows available for a free watch without having to subscribe or join. A small set of shows are under the watch free option for people who wish to watch the fee content.

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