Naruto: Personality of Shikamaru Nara Revealed Based On His Astrological Sign

Naruto: Personality of Shikamaru Nara Revealed Based On His Astrological Sign
Naruto: Personality of Shikamaru Nara Revealed Based On His Astrological Sign

Nara Shikamaru, who was born on September 22, represents his astrological sign in some distinct directions. Naruto is still one of the most popular shonen shows today, especially now that its sequel Boruto is running. The original Naruto became “big three” material for a variety of reasons, including its superb character design, which ranged from the orphan turned Hokage Naruto to the renegade Uchiha Sasuke and, of course, the slacker genius Nara Shikamaru.

Shikamaru first appeared early in the story, and he’s been a fan favorite ever since, with his peculiar combination of a slacker attitude, a strong sense of duty, a dry sense of humor, and a unique hidden technique based on shadow ownership. His personality can also be assessed based on his astrological sign, which reveals a great deal about him.

Shikamaru isn’t your average Virgo. When he took part in the chunin exam, he was known not just for his tactical genius, but also for his apathetic attitude, which created a bad impression on everyone.

He was even booed before facing his opponent, the wind-slinging Temari, for demonstrating a lack of spirit, and he didn’t mind losing the match. Shikamaru’s merits as a Virgo were fully shown when Sasuke escaped the Hidden Leaf Village, as specified by the Verve Times site. 

Shikamaru is born under the sign of Virgo

Virgo is one of the three astrological signs represented by the maiden of fertility in astrological mythology. Nara Shikamaru was born on September 22, which makes him a hardworking and detail-oriented Virgo, similar to Team 7’s Hatake Kakashi. 

Virgo, as an earth sign, is all about diligence, patience, tradition, and stability, and Virgos aren’t likely to make hasty decisions or rush into a situation without planning ahead of time.

Virgos aren’t as adventurous as Geminis or as mystical as Cancers, but they are acutely aware of their surroundings and maybe surprisingly open to innovation and new ideas, as long as they don’t interfere with their present worldview or ambitions.

The obligations that these accomplishments have bestowed upon him irritate him frequently, yet he eagerly accepts them in order to serve his teammates on Team Asuma and to prove himself to future generations.

As a Virgo, Shikamaru is also fiercely devoted and uncompromising. He despises it when his meticulously set intentions are thwarted. Shikamaru, as a leader and true Virgo, is calm, methodical, and rule-oriented, and he neither likes nor allows his allies to hurry into things.

Shikamaru prefers to wait and strike when the timing is right rather than acting on impulse, which puts him at odds with Naruto and even Sakura, especially when Sasuke is involved. A Virgo will bend if they have to, primarily if it is all because of a comrade, based on the posted news of the CBR website. 

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