Naruto: Most Peculiar Ninja Tools Inspired by Realistic Origins

Naruto: Most Peculiar Ninja Tools Inspired by Realistic Origins
Naruto: Most Peculiar Ninja Tools Inspired by Realistic Origins

Naruto’s ninjas are nothing like the historical ninjas of Japan. There are some similarities between the two. Aside from remarkable talents, the Naruto series offers a plethora of lethal and formidable weaponry. Temari’s Giant Folding Fan and Madara’s Gunbai have real-life beginnings, demonstrating how Naruto finds inspiration in unexpected places and realistic origins. 

Among shonen anime, Naruto distinguishes out for its wide range of cultural references and borrowings. The animation is heavily influenced by Japanese mythology, but it also draws inspiration from real-life and historical things. The comparison and contrast of two Naruto fans — Temari’s “Giant Folding Fan” and Madara Uchiha’s Gunbai — with their real-life inspirations demonstrates how Naruto draws inspiration from history.

The battle fan, like the kunai, was used extensively throughout medieval Japan’s history. Fans, unlike kunai, agricultural tools adapted for combat, had a long history in warfare and specialized versions. Naruto, on the other hand, deviates from these standards, fusing their peaceful and combative parts for dramatic effect, as posted by the CBR webpage. 

The Ninja Weapons

Temari’s Gigantic Folding Fan, also known as the Kyodai Sensu, is a giant Japanese war fan with three purple circles around its metal body that she refers to as “stars.” The number of stars depicted indicates the power of the wind gusts she causes, with one being the weakest and three being the strongest. 

The fan can also be used as a club or to defend against attacks. When opened, it appears to be able to deflect kunai and shuriken and can be embedded in the ground.

A gunbai, also known as an army arrangement or Gunbai Uchiwa, is a non-folding fan carved from a special spirit tree used only for ritualistic purposes. For generations, the Uchiha clansmen have passed down this Gunbai.

This weapon, also known as Gunbai Fan, is one of the best the Uchiha clan has in the Naruto series. Madara Uchiha, in his heyday, and Obito Uchiha after him, both utilized it frequently.

This fan has unique capabilities that allow it to reflect any chakra back to the user by transforming it into the wind. It’s also extremely sturdy, having served the Uchiha clan for decades upon generations, as specified by the news on the Gamerant site. 

The kunai, which was also used by real-life ninjas, the fan is another noteworthy Naruto borrowed object. While the uchiwa on Sasuke’s coat is the most well-known example, symbolically fanning the flames of his clan’s hate, how other characters use fans in the plot echoes aspects of their real-life history in unusual ways, in keeping with a popular series characteristic.

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