PmShoto Todoroki is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the cast of My hero Academia. Audiences love him not only for his spectacular Quirk, which combines fire and ice, and for his look, but also for the incredible evolution he has become the protagonist of over the course of the series. Shoto is the fruit of an arranged marriage, born with the sole goal of owning the ultimate Quirk and surpassing the All Might Peace Symbol, thus fulfilling his father Endeavor’s dream. His life has not been that of any other boy, young Todoroki has had to face numerous difficult situations, which however are leading him to become the Hero of his dreams. The episode that most marked him occurred when, still a child, his mother Rei threw a pot of boiling water on his face. The only light of his life, which was a succession of training with his father, failed, a kind of betrayal that led him to withdraw into himself, to hate Endeavor and repudiate the Quirk of Fire. This event was only surpassed several years later, when, at the Sports Festival, he collided with Izuku Midoriya. While Deku gave his 100% to face his rival, Shoto still refrained from using his flames; it was only thanks to Midoriya’s emotions and words that Todoroki’s mental barriers were shattered. From that day on, in fact, he started using the left side again and talking to his father.

Another episode that had a great impact on Shoto’s life was the meeting with Stain and the “almost” change of Teniya Iida, his class leader. This experience was useful to him not only to understand the mistakes of his childhood but also to create his first true relationship of friendship and trust.

Despite the enormous potential available, the only ones who failed the provisional license exam were Bakugo and Shoto. Shocked by his failure and his selfish behavior, the aspiring hero has managed to find great humility, inner peace, and clarity of purpose. Moreover, in this case, too he found a new friend, the irascible Bakugo.

The last event is the one that happened at the end of the fourth season of the animated, that is the meeting between his father Endeavor, who has just become the Number One Hero, and the High-End Nomu. Frightened by the idea of ​​losing his father figure forever and thrilled to see him fight so ardently to protect the population, Shoto realized that Enji Todoroki was also battling with his inner demons. In the fifth season, the two are finally giving themselves a new chance.

What will happen in Shoto’s future? We just have to find out during the next sagas of My Hero Academia 5. Here is the challenge of Iida and Todoroki in My Hero Academia 5×07.