Missing New York Mom Found Dead in Storage Bin; Arrested Cousin Duped Victim’s Son by Texting Using Her Phone

Missing New York Mom Found Dead in Storage Bin; Arrested Cousin Duped Victim’s Son by Texting Using Her Phone
Missing New York Mom Found Dead in Storage Bin; Arrested Cousin Duped Victim’s Son by Texting Using Her Phone

Nisaa Walcott was last seen on February 16 and her body was discovered nine days later, according to police. The young Manhattan mom was discovered dead in the Bronx on Friday, and she was described as someone who expresses her deepest feelings in an open and honest way.

The missing NY mom had bruises and fractures consistent with strangulation, according to investigators. Her body was discovered on a Bronx sidewalk in a clear container bin, based on the court documents obtained by the police. They believe she was pushed down and choked. Her ankles were also shackled.

Reports of authorities said that Walcott’s cousin, Khalid Barrow, is charged with her death. On Friday afternoon, police were dispatched to 950 University Avenue in the Bronx, where a pedestrian had discovered a disturbing crime. Elizabeth Clerkin, Assistant District Attorney said in a statement that Khalid Barrow, slain his cousin Nisaa. Khalid concealed Nisaa’s corpse for a week before dumping it on the pavement in a dumpster on Friday after police contacted him regarding Walcott.

Clerkin also stated that surveillance video showed Barrow in Ms. Walcott’s compound with another individual bringing a transparent plastic storage bin from the roof, via the lobby elevator, and out the door. Surveillance video in the Bronx reveals the defendant getting that bin out of a car and dragging it to the pavement, where he abandoned it about an hour later, as per Inside Edition

The victim’s suspected killer was her cousin

Walcott’s cousin, Khalid Barrow, 21, of the Bronx, was arrested on Saturday. According to the NYPD, he is charged with murder and hiding a dead person. When Walcott’s brothers tried to contact Nisaa and received text messages that didn’t sound like her, they became suspicious.

Walcott had been gone since February 16, and authorities claim her 14-year-old son received a text message from her suggesting she was leaving him in the care of Barrow.

As per Clerkin, the kid told officers he got home from school on February 16 and discovered Barrow cleaning the flat with bleach. Family members discovered Barrow was impersonating Walcott through text a week after she was last seen, officials said.

According to court filings, Walcott’s kid reportedly received another text, allegedly from his mother, asking him not to tell an uncle what was going on. Walcott’s credit card was also allegedly used by Barrow.

Based on the reports of two senior NYPD officials, detectives believe the cousin used Walcott’s cell phone to confuse family members concerned about her whereabouts after she hadn’t been seen in days. However, the text messages reportedly sent from the phone did not match earlier exchanges.

Barrow allegedly pretended to be Walcott and texted her family to make it appear as if she was alive and contacting them. When one of the texts stated that she was going on a business trip and needed someone to watch her son, her relatives became skeptical. The investigation is still ongoing, and police have not offered any information about a motive. The cause of death will be determined by the New York City Medical Examiner, People reported. 

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