Missing man, George Musser found dead after search in Stillwater

George Musser
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George Musser, Missing man found dead after search in Stillwater.

On Christmas Day, more than 100 people gathered in Stillwater to look for a missing 20-year-old, despite extreme cold conditions.

During searches on Christmas Day, a male who had been missing in Stillwater was discovered dead, according to family members’ statements to the media.

Over 100 people gathered on Sunday to look for George Musser despite the bitter cold. Since early Saturday morning, Musser had been reported missing. He left Brian’s Bar soon after two in the morning while sporting a stocking cap, deep blue pants, and a dark grey flannel shirt.

We don’t have any information after 2:20 a.m., said George’s cousin Emily Dalbec. He was improperly attired for the weather.

Dalbec coordinated the search operations on Sunday.

The Stillwater Police Force is looking for George Musser, 20, and is seeking for the public’s assistance.

The fact that Musser’s automobile was abandoned, his keys were recovered by a wastebasket, and his wallet was discovered in an adjacent snowbank caused concern for his family.

On Sunday morning, the Minnesota BCA alerted the public to the missing. Tragically, the family made the discovery of Musser’s body public shortly before 8 o’clock.

“During this terrible time, we are putting our faith in the Lord, knowing that He has led George to heaven. Praying for our family, please “Emily stated.

On Christmas Day, a large crowd gathers to look for 20-year-old George Musser.

Hundreds gathered on Christmas morning and into the afternoon to search for George Musser.

The 20-year-old stayed at Brian’s Bar in Stillwater’s downtown till early on Saturday. One of the final persons to see him was Ally McKay.

He approached the stall I was seated at with my pals around 1:30 in the morning and started talking to us, according to McKay. ” he mentioned us he needed to use the restroom, but he never came back.”

Near the bar, Musser’s wallet and keys were discovered. His car is yet remains parked in the lot. He had on a grey button-up flannel, dark pants, and a black beanie. He wasn’t wearing a jacket. Musser has brown eyes and hair, stands 5’8″, and weighs 145 lbs.

We searched the area around the bar for him, but Brian insisted that everyone leave, so we had to leave and presume that he had made his way home, according to McKay.

Police in Stillwater were unable to set up a modest search area on Sunday afternoon.

According to Stillwater Police Chief Brian Mueller, “We haven’t had really great luck with a lot of the electronic surveillance devices we have already been investigating at, whether that’s cameras, cell phones, or something like that. So, it’s a pretty challenging scenario.

Emily Dalbec, Musser’s cousin, said, “We’re preparing for the worst but hoping for the best—and that’s why we’re urging everyone in the neighbourhood to start looking.”

Family and friends started looking on Saturday, and they looked more actively on Christmas Day.

Emily Dalbec, Musser’s cousin, said, “We’re getting prepared for the worst but praying for the best that’s why we’re urging everyone in the neighbourhood to start looking.”

Family and friends started looking on Saturday, and they looked more actively on Christmas Day.

“It makes me happy to be a father. What the family has been through, I can’t really understand, “Mueller remarked. “Since yesterday, I have spoken with the family. We are extremely blessed to reside in such a wonderful community. I really hope we can give the Musser family some closure.”

We are quite fortunate to have all of these people prepared to brave the weather on holiday to search for him, added Dalbec.

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