Microsoft Hinders Windows 11 PCs on How to Use New Operating System

Microsoft Atlanta/Wikicommons

Custom PC builders are hindered by the insistence of Microsoft that they thoroughly examine Windows 11’s system requirements as well as a lack of instruction on how to run the new operating system on their machines.

Microsoft on background

A long and rich history can be summarized as follows: Windows 11’s PC Health Check software informed custom PC makers that their devices would not be supported when the operating system maker first introduced Windows 11. But Microsoft didn’t make that clear. On off-the-shelf motherboards, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) was usually disabled, resulting in a vulnerability.

As reported by Digital Trends, Microsoft responded with new system requirements instructions, and everything seemed fine. The company was testing a watermark for unsupported Windows 11 installations in February. Now it’s on supported PC as well. Again, it’s TPM. While motherboard suppliers have updated their boards to include TPM, Microsoft ignores the enormous number of bespoke, supported PCs that do not. Undeterred, Microsoft tells consumers their PCs aren’t supported without providing any guidance.

Let’s go back to the watermark It directs visitors to the Settings menu for more information, which the author of the report did. This takes you to a page that describes unsupported Windows 11 installations but offers no remedies for watermarked PCs. In seven paragraphs, it says “sorry, you’re out of luck.”

A link to Microsoft’s PC Health Check software is the only useful link. But there’s another issue: Windows 11 users can’t utilize the PC Health Check program. So, if you encounter this notice on Windows 11, you can’t utilize the program Microsoft provides to fix the problem.

Bad news for Microsoft

Windows 11 adoption has slowed since its launch. Uncertainty about why adoption has decreased is likely due to Microsoft’s repeated warnings regarding unsupported installs on supported hardware. Microsoft may also be testing advertisements within Windows 11’s File Explorer, adding to the OS’s woes. Windows 11 is a fantastic release. Sadly, Microsoft fails the numerous bespoke PCs running Windows. It has yet to make any announcements or provide instructions for modified PCs, and the watermark is both unpleasant and wrong.

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