Michigan’s Local Government Receives Stimulus Funding For COVID-19

Michigan's Local Government Has Received Stimulus Funding For COVID
Billions of Dollars for Michigan

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 will provide $4.4 billion to Michigan counties, cities, townships, and villages. Everyone has received their initial funding. The national govt distributed the 1st half of the money to counties and metro cities. 

Whereas the state distributed the remaining amount to the smaller municipalities, 96.5% of the smaller cities, towns, and villages have received their 1st payment.

Michigan counties have received more than $100 million.  

It displays how much the Michigan counties got from the Michigan Department of Treasury, according to the Datawrapper. half of the funds were provided in the spring of last year.

Larger cities and towns receive stimulus funds in a more large amount than smaller towns.

Just 35 counties and 29 cities and townships receive over $10 million. For every dollar over $10 million, all those states must still follow the ARPA’s qualified usage of rules.

Billions of Dollars for Michigan

The Michigan townships, counties, and cities are set to receive unexpected money from the federal government. 

The estimation of us government in Michigan state will receive $5.9 billion as part of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan ( AR ), according to the Bridge Michigan site.

Over $4.4 billion is being allocated to each township, city, and county, with amounts ranging from $100 to $1,300 per individual.

There are minimal restrictions on the money. For instance, it cannot be used to pay off pension arrears or offer tax relief. Governments can fund infrastructure improvements and worker hazard pay. It can also be used on parks, and downtown renovations, among other things.

Income tax revenues from Detroit have plunged due to workers, working at home during the pandemic.  They set to receive around $880 million, or $1,313 per household.

According to Eric Scorsone, director of Michigan State University’s Center for Local Government Finance and Policy. He said, it’s fully insured and towns have until 2024 to spend the money, according to Bridge Michigan.

It comes after years of funding cuts that studies show left the infrastructure crumbling and the municipal offices are empty.

While many public officials were grateful for the stimulus money, it is unlikely to be free.

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