Mi 10T Pro 5G First Impressions, Specifications and All The Details

Mi 10T Pro 5G First Impressions, Specifications and All The Details

Xiaomi has recently launched its Mi 10T mobile, and it is creating a buzz in the market because of its excellent features and price. Mi has just launched this mobile phone after 1+ 8T has been revealed by one plus company. The company has launched two models of this Mi 10T, one is with the same name, and the other is the Mi 10T pro. They are both similar, but Mi 10T pro differs from the other because of its better rear camera, which provides excellent picture quality and video quality. The One Plus and Mi both are the die-hard competitors of each other, and now they both have launched their best mobile phone in the market with almost the same price, same specifications, but with different tags. Both mobiles are one of the best in the market, available right now, but we are here to discuss the Mi 10T pro version. This article will discuss the first impression that Mi 10T has made on its buyers. Stay Tuned.

The First Impression of Mi 10T Pro 5G

mi 10T pro mobile specificatons

Talking about the first impression of this mobile, it has partially satisfied all its customers. You will be getting many such features that you haven’t see in any of Mi mobile yet. There has been a delay in launching this mobile, but the mobile is creating a different fan base now. The mobile’s refresh rate has created a buzz because Mi has provided a refresh rate of 144Hz on this mobile, which is excellent. You will be receiving an LCD and 5G service. There are lots of options that Mi is introducing in this mobile, and the starting price of this mobile would be Rs 35,999, which is fair enough according to the services this mobile is providing. The mobile will be offering a massive magnet for a fingerprint, which will be providing extra sensitivity for fingerprint, thus creating it more user friendly. All along with these specifications, the mobile will be covered with a Gorilla Glass 5, which will prevent this mobile from scratch and is non-breakable.

The mobile comes with no accessories, and different color options are available for sale. The mobile is a bit heavy when we compare it will One plus 8T. The Mi 10T PRO version weighs 218g, which is quite heavy and quite thick, offering a thickness of 9.33mm. These are some of the drawbacks of the mobile. Overall, this mobile gives the first impression is very glossy and beautiful, with an excellent user interface and options provided at this price. It is durable, but the only thing you need to worry about is camera position and quality. One Plus 8T offers a good camera position and more megapixel than Mi, but they can be ignored if you only want to go through the mobile look. It offers a more glossy look at first impressions when compared to one plus. Thus on overall rating, I will rate this mobile 8 out of 10 of its core functions and 9 out of 10 only on its look and design.

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