[Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics] Videos that must not be overlooked for fans of the popular anime ‘Backflip !!’

Fuji TV’s men’s rhythmic gymnastics anime “Backflip !!”, which began broadcasting in April, has become a hot topic. There were many factors that made anime fans hit, such as Noitamina, who has produced many masterpieces, Yuuki Hayashi (former rhythmic gymnast), and voice actors who are too gorgeous. The appeal of the sport of “gymnastics” is conveyed through animation and seems to move the viewers’ hearts.

After all, from the first episode, it seemed that the power was to show the full four-member group of Ao High School that the main character would attend.

Furthermore, in episode 6, the acting of Ao High School, which has become 6 people by adding 2 first graders, is still there! It is drawn attractively.

If you haven’t seen real men’s rhythmic gymnastics, these performance scenes that you might think “this is possible because it’s an animation” are actually motion-captured by the men’s rhythmic gymnastics players. ..

For example, here is the acting that is a model of the acting of Shiro High, which is depicted as a rival school of Ao High.

Please take a look at the beautiful performance of the prestigious men’s rhythmic gymnastics, which is as good as the anime by Aomori Yamada High School, who also supervises “Backflip !!”.

In addition, although Ao High School is set in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, there is a real high school with a men’s rhythmic gymnastics club in Iwanuma City. It is Natori High School in Miyagi Prefecture. Natori High School, which was a popular team well-known to boys’ rhythmic gymnastics fans at the high school that produced the three Sato brothers who started performing arts activities from this spring after breaking at TIK TOK last year As if, this year was a feat.

First victory at the National Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Group Championship held on May 23. It was also a valuable victory over the powerful school Aomori Yamada High School. (The performance of the winning Natori High School can be seen below. The performance of Natori is from 2:07:24. After Natori, powerful performances such as Aomori Yamada, Kiyoaki Kanzaki, Hidemine Kobayashi who passed the top of the qualifying are also recorded. Has been.)

It’s a men’s rhythmic gymnastics that is excited by the synergistic effect of anime and realism, but as anime is heading toward the climax, a video that cannot be overlooked has been released on the official Noitamina channel. This is a dance video of the OP and ED songs of “Backflip !!” by 2017 Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics All Japan Champion Naoya Nagai.

After graduating from university, Mr. Nagai has devoted himself to the world of dance, and this year is his fourth year, and he has already received high praise as a dancer and choreographer. Mr. Nagai, who had been acting controversial since he was an active player, “Isn’t it a dance rather than a men’s rhythmic gymnastics?” I let you. In a good way, Mr. Nagai’s current dance does not seem to be a remnant of “boys’ rhythmic gymnastics.” In his activities as a dancer, he hardly smells like a “former all-Japan champion” of men’s rhythmic gymnastics. This video, in which Mr. Nagai danced for “Backflip !!”, was his own gratitude for men’s rhythmic gymnastics and felt like an ale.

Furthermore, in June, 10 years ahead of “Backflip !!”. The stage “Tumbling”, which is derived from the men’s rhythmic gymnastics drama “Tumbling” produced in 2010, is also scheduled to be performed. A part of the scheduled Osaka performance has been canceled due to the spread of the new corona infection, but at the moment the Tokyo performance is scheduled to be held. Also, regarding the Osaka performance, it seems that live distribution without spectators is being considered, so I would like to pay attention to future information. The stage “Tumbling,” which is also the gateway to young actors, will also feature active male rhythmic gymnastics members from Kokushikan University. The audience who went to the performance for the handsome actors must be able to convey the charm of “Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics” through their performances.