Let us explore the Bob Filming Locations Today

Bob Filming Locations

The movie “What about bob?” is an iconic film directed by Frank Oz and Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss played the lead in the movie. They both made the cheaters look alive and put strength in the roles that were assigned to them. Bill Murray plays the character named “Bob Wiley”. The feeling was a bit troubled and patient, and it was very hard to play, but Murray did it very well and was praised for the same. Many locations were involved in the shooting of this movie; all of them will be mentioned in this article, so get going.

Unexpected Bob Newhart filming locations

Bob Newhart filming locations

After a lot of research, these are the list of the locations that I  have found for you to look at 430 N. Michigan Avenue, Near North Side, Chicago, Illinois, USA. (Bob’s office building), 5901 N. Sheridan Rd., Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois, USA (Bob & Emily’s apartment building), Stage 17, CBS Studio Center – 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA, and lastly, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Aren’t these the most extraordinary location of all time? Imagine shooting at these locations, and it makes me feel goosebumps. I am sure I cannot list all the places, but I have made an effort to mention the main ones. 

Have you heard of bob Heart Abishola filming locations?

bob hearts abishola filming locations

Zillions of filming locations are associated with this movie, “What about Bob? ” and the beginning begins at the Woodward Memorial Hospital in Detroit. Let me clarify that it was filmed in Los angles at last. Many more locations are yet to be uncovered, so let me discover them for you. Due to the pandemic, we faced a lot, and this is one more repercussion we met because it was announced on March 13, 2020, that production for season 2 was suspended. Moreover, some sources confirm that it will begin soon in the same filming location, Los Angeles, California.

Extraordinary What about bob cast is listed below

What about bob cast

 I will start with Bill Murray and then will go to every actor associated with this movie one by one, Bill Murray as Bob Wiley, Richard Dreyfuss as Dr Leo Marvin, Julie Hagerty as Fay Marvin, Charlie Korsmo as Sigmund “Siggy” Marvin, Kathryn Erbe as Anna Marvin, Tom Aldredge as Mr Guttman, Susan Willis as Mrs Guttman, Roger Bowen as Phil, Fran Brill as Lily Marvin-Wiley, Doris Black as Dr Catherine Tomsky, Marcella Lowery as Betty. These are all the actors that worked in the movie, and their acting made the movie superhit that even in the 20th century, people are here to read and learn the facts about the movie that was released in 1991.

Expected What about the bob release date

What about the bob release date

If you’re unaware of the movie and just came here because of its popularity, then I would like to tell you that his movie called “What about the bob” is not a recent movie, it’s an old one. It was released in the year of 1991 on May 17 in the United States of America in English. It was released on different dates in different countries at that time. For instance, the release of these countries was; the Netherlands, November 29 1991; Uruguay, December 6 1991; Japan, December 21 1991; Portugal, March 6 1992; Brazil, July 11 2000, it was the time of the DVD premiere, and it reminds me of ancient time.

Do you know What bob house’s location is?

What bob house's location

The great movie, “What about Bob?” It was filmed around a stunning location, Moneta, Virginia, located on a gorgeous lake named Smith Mountain Lake. There is a scene in the movie where Bob, the main character of the film, accidentally damages the house by blowing it. For showing that part on the camera, all the producers used a third-fourth-sized model, or you can say a replica of the actual house. They tried to show the scene so real, and that’s why all the representation was made, just burning it in the end and capturing that scene in the camera for the movie.