Lenovo legion Phone Duel Listed on India Lenovo Website.

Lenovo Legion specifications.
Lenovo legion Phone Duel Listed on India Lenovo Website.

The Chinese Giant Lenovo has been continuously increasing its brand value by incorporating and launching great products and gadgets every year. This multinational technology company, which has been incorporated in Hong Kong, is continuously working to become a pioneer in mobiles and gadgets, and it has started paving its way towards its ambition. Lenovo has recently launched its new gaming smartphone, which has been launched worldwide except in India. The situation is changing now because the company official website for India is listing this Lenovo Legion gaming phone. Lenovo, at the time of launching its phone, has clearly stated that only selected markets will have the authority to sell this gaming phone. In this article, we will be discussing the specifications of this gaming mobile and the pricing, availability in India. Stay tuned.

Price and Availability of Lenovo Legion Phone in India.

Lenovo Legion has been marked as “not for sale” for Indian customers; no one knows why. The mobile phone was launched in July this year, and till then, it has not yet available in India. But, the official Lenovo India website has started listing this gaming mobile phone, which has increased the hopes of the Indians customers towards the availability of this phone. But, sorry to inform you that there has been nothing mention about the availability and the price of this Lenovo Legion Phone on that official website. Thus, we cannot say anything about the availability of this smartphone in India.

There is surely a hope that the phone will be available soon in India along with the price details, but the site is still showing, ‘not for sale in India.’ There is nothing mention about the price and availability in India.

Lenovo Legion in India.

Specifications of Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone.

Talking about the specifications of the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone, it is a gaming phone which has everything you want on your decent mobile. Since it is a gaming mobile phone, it has a very strong and powerful processor with a high refresh rate. The processor in this mobile phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC, which is extremely fast. The mobile phone will be working on Android 10, which is slightly backdropped for this mobile. The mobile has a very high refresh rate of 144Hz, and the company has done stunningly very well in the field of storage. The storage of the mobile Lenovo Legion Gaming phone is 256 Gb and with an extra 512 GB when used with UFS 3.1 storage options.

The mobile is also performing well in the camera section. It has an AMOLED panel display, which will feature a 64 MP primary sensor and 16 MP secondary sensor. Yes, you got right, the mobile will be featuring a dual rear camera for the first time. Talking about the battery backup, mobile also performs well in that section. It has two batteries, each of 2,500 mAh, which give mobile a long lasting power.

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