League of Legends Mobile May Launch in India on December

League of Legends Mobile May Launch in India on December
League of Legends Mobile May Launch in India on December

League of Legends mobile version is named League of Legends: Wild Rift in the gaming industry, which will be the same as the game’s PC version. The users will be able to experience the same champions, the same skills of sets, same maps, and mechanics in the mobile version of the game. With his, the players can perform outstanding plays and are also be able to make exclusive moves to outrun the opponents. 

The experience will be as impressive as the PC with the comfort of a mobile phone. The only significant and big difference that a player might feel is playing on a mobile phone rather than a PC.

About League of Legends

If you haven’t played the game already, then the next few paragraphs will give you a thorough understanding of how things work in League of Legends. The primary objective of the game is to defeat the Nexus of your opponent. But to achieve this, you have to understand how the league of legends works.

Each game consists of 1O players who make two teams of 5 players each. The choice of champions in the game is extensive and massive, and one can select the champion they like the most. Every champion has its abilities, skills, roles, strengths as well as weaknesses.

 Each player can play one character of their choice and execute their role in the most challenging manner. The entire game is divided into three lanes and a jungle area where one player will be on the top lane; two payers will take their positions on the bot lane, one player on the mid lane, and the last player in the jungle area. Now each lane will have two powers of both the teams, which the players need to destroy from the root to reach the Nexus.

 In the lanes, minions will spawn every 30 seconds, and you have to destroy them, or you can also use them to push the towers. There are also boss monsters that can help you build your team stronger to achieve your aim.

The game becomes addictive. It offers multiple opportunities and options to kill your enemy, where you can choose to destroy your opponent with kills, gold, or simply destroying their buildings. The possibilities are endless and much fun.

If you are a new player, then there is a smooth learning curve for you with a level system. Apart from this, you can also explore several other game modes where you can play as different champions and defeat your enemy with style.

Possible changes in the mobile version

Some of the major changes which a player will experience while experiencing the mobile version of the game are:

  • There will be no inhibitors and 2 Nexus towers
  • Much fewer champions in the pool. The PC Version has 148 champions, whereas the mobile version will only be restricted to 50 champions.
  • No chat function will be available.


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