Lamar Jackson reacts vulgarly to fan on Twitter following Ravens’ loss; John Harbaugh addresses situation with the QB

Lamar Jackson
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Lamer Jackson was not pleased with what this fan tweeted after a breathtaking loss to Jacksonville

Following the game, an NFL fan took to Twitter to demand the Ravens let Lamar Jackson leave at the end of the season, which the QB did not appreciate.

In Week 12, the Ravens blew a two-score lead in the final six minutes of a 28-27 loss to the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

Following Jackson’s failure to complete 50% of his passes against the Jaguars, the fan suggested that the Ravens “let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well-rounded team.”

The Ravens quarterback was tagged in the tweet, and we know he read it because he not only responded, but he responded in a way that could land him in hot water. Jackson told the fan to “STFU,” along with an NSFW insult that we can’t show here.

If you’re curious about the exact words he used, you can find them at 

Jackson’s tweet received over 13,000 likes during the first hour.

Head coach John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens said Monday that he spoke with Jackson about the circumstance and that he motivates players to avoid social platforms after games.

“I just talk to these guys, we talk a lot about football, but we also talk about that stuff, what’s going on in terms of media and everything,” Harbaugh said, through to

“I beg guys not to go on Twitter immediately following the game, especially if they lose.” It’ll never be positive, and it’ll never be a pleasant place.”

Jackson’s response was not typical of Harbaugh’s franchise quarterback, which can be the problem with posting on Twitter after a game: high levels of emotion.

“I think that comes across in Lamar’s reactions because what he stated was completely out of character for him.” That is not how he speaks. That’s not how he speaks.

That is not a phrase he ever uses, “According to Harbaugh. “That’s something I’ve don’t ever seen him say before. I’m sure he’s disheartened, just like the rest of us. That’s not a place you want to be right after a match. I’m sure he understands.”

Harbaugh has served as Jackson’s head coach since the 25-year-old was drafted in 2018. He stated anybody who knows Jackson understands he is not the person depicted in the tweet.

“You’ve been around Lamar Jackson. He has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever met. You’ve all seen him. The way he deals with others. The way he interacts with children.

The way he deals with the media.” According to Harbaugh. “He’s also one of the most fierce competitors I’ve ever encountered.” So he takes those kinds of conversations very seriously. So he entrapped sometimes by someone who is just a little bit baiting him, and you can’t live there. It makes no difference. That’s not a position he wants to be, and those aren’t the words he tries to express.”

The Ravens supporter who sent the tweet was frustrated by the Ravens’ failure to generate offense in recent weeks. Baltimore has only scored one offensive touchdown in the last six quarters.

Although the fan desires to see Jackson consider leaving Baltimore, that is unlikely to happen. Jackson has almost no chance of leaving the team in free agency despite being in the last year of his rookie contract. After the season, the Ravens will try to re-sign Jackson, but if they cannot agree, the franchise tag will be applied to him.

Despite his high-precision struggles against the Jaguars, Jackson managed to total 343 yards of offense, 254 of which came thru the air and 89 on the ground. At the end of the game, Jackson quickly moved the ball down the field to set up Justin Tucker’s 67-yard field goal attempt, which fell short of sealing Baltimore’s loss.

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