Komi Can’t Communicate Anime: Netflix Releases Translator Notes

Komi Can’t Communicate Anime

Even though we are all anime lovers, language barriers sometimes make it hard for non-Japanese people to really appreciate the story. To help people better understand the anime Komi can’t communicate, Netflix has released a Translator’s Notes video to explain Japanese language puns.  The translator video covers the following characters from the anime: Agari Ueno, Hitohito Tadano, Makeru Yadano, Najimi Osana, Ren Yamai, and Shoko Komi.

Premiered on Netflix in 2021

The show that first had its debut on Tokyo TV on October 6, 2021, started streaming exclusively on Netflix from October 7 onwards in Japan. October 21 saw the show premiering outside Japan with weekly episodes on Netflix.

Currently, the show is airing in over 190 countries with dubbings in 8 languages and subtitles for 31. People welcomed the show with open arms but there was a slight criticism around the English subtitling.

English subtitles faced criticism

After the global debut of the series, people complained about the English subtitles not covering enough depth during Komi’s & Tadano’s blackboard conversation. Some people complained that the translations were incomplete. To address the issue it seems, the Netflix has come out with this translator notes video.

Komi struggles at communication

Komi can’t communicate is a comedy anime based on a manga with the same name written by Tomohito Oda. In the story, Komi is our protagonist. She is a 15-year old high school-going girl who suffers from social anxiety and cannot speak in front of people. Despite these communication difficulties, she tries to make friends. In the beginning of the story, her goal is to make 100 friends.

Tadano is another awkward guy in the show. He is a new admission in the Itan High School, the same one that Komi got in recently. He is the first person to understand that Komi, despite her good looks and consequent popularity, has communication issues. He becomes the very first friend that Komi has in Itan High School. On this note starts the story of a pretty but anxious girl who cannot communicate and yet wants to make a hundred friends. Pretty big goal, Aye!

Do you think Komi will make 100 friends? If you are interested in the comedy genre, Teppen-!!! is getting its anime soon.

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