King of Fighters XV: Omega Rugal as Free DLC to Be Released on April 14

King of Fighters XV: Omega Rugal
King of Fighters XV: Omega Rugal

SNK announced the addition of Omega Rugal to The King of Fighters XV roster within a talk at the Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable. Will be available as free downloadable content on April 14. According to the game’s backstory, founded the King of Fighters competition and served as the series’ Rugal is the final boss in multiple games, who ate’s up more quarters than a fully functional wishing well, was a difficult opponent in multiple King of Fighters games and also appears as an even more annoying enemy in the  SNK series Vs Capcom.

On the same day as Omega Rugal joins the latest game mode called Boss Challenge will be released. This mode pits you against Rugal at the pinnacle of his power, rewarding you with new music, a new Rugal costume, and a new level if you defeat the powerful aristocrat, according to the Game spot website.

Omega Rugal 

Omega Rugal was first presented as the final boss in The King of Fighters ’95, and he has also been used as the boss in Dream Matches, it has the ability to finish his career with a Genocide Cutter technique that is well known among combat game enthusiasts. Omega Rugal will be dubbed by Tsuguo Mogami, who first appeared in KOF Allstars. Since KOF ’95, the character was a part of the storyline. 

Rugal Bernstein did, however, make an appearance for the first game in KOF ’94. He usually appears as a boss character. This also relates to his first appearance here. In addition, to become a playable character, the add-on will include the Boss Challenge Mode.

The launch of KOF XV Team Pass 2 signifies a new roadmap. The only DLC with a release date is the currently existing Team Garou DLC and the anticipated Omega Rugal DLC. Team South Town and character rebalancing will appear in May 2022, according to the post on the Siliconera website. 

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