Kathryn Muhlbach murder case: Explained Kathryn Muhlbach’s Body Discovered.

Kathryn Muhlbach
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Kathryn Muhlbach murder case: Explained 

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A sought Portland man for the Friday afternoon murder of Kathryn Muhibbah was apprehended in Southern Oregon, as reported by the Portland Police Bureau.

Jose Antonio Caraballo, 43, has a warrant out for his arrest for second-degree murder. According to the police, he was taken to jail and will subsequently be transferred to Multnomah County.

Caraballo was apprehended after a protracted hunt for the man suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

On 9th December, shortly after 3:15 pm, Powell Butte Nature Park police officers were summoned in reaction to a report of a body being found there. Once the police arrived, they discovered a body. It was unclear where in the park the body was found.

Due to suspicious circumstances, police originally summoned PPB homicide detectives to investigate.

Man detained on suspicion of killing woman in Southeast Portland

According to the Portland Police Bureau, the person who murdered his girlfriend in early December and left her body in Powell Butte Nature Park was apprehended in Southern Oregon.

Jose Caraballo, a convicted murderer, was captured by the police in Southern Oregon. On 23rd December 2022, at around 2:00 pm, Central Point Police Department officers detained Caraballo on his warrant of Killing in the Second Degree, according to information provided to investigators with the Portland Police Homicide Unit (Domestic Violence). At the Jackson County Detention Facility, he was being held under arrest. He will eventually be transferred to Multnomah County.

Reports of the autopsy on Kathryn Muhlbach’s: Cause of Death

According to the notification, Muhlbach was killed by “homicidal violence,” and it was a homicide. The medical examiner’s office conducted an autopsy to determine this.

Information concerning Muhlbach’s wounds, how her body was found in the park, and who found it and contacted the authorities was withheld by the police.

Caraballo is believed to have left the Portland region after Muhlbach’s death, based on the police. Although his last known address was within the boundaries of Portland, Oregon, detectives believe he may have friends in other parts of those states as well as Mexico, California, and Oregon. Jen Keller, Muhlbach’s older sister, purportedly told the San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV that the news of Muhlbach’s passing shocked the entire family.

“The agony is great, and we’re just in shock,” Keller is reported as saying to the station. “It ignites. It hurts. The planet Earth has evolved. Everything seems to be different now.

Where does Kathryn Muhlbach’s Body was Found?

On 9th December in the late afternoon, 27-year-old Kathryn Muhlbach was discovered dead. Later, Portland police named 43-year-old Jose Antonio Caraballo as the principal suspect in Muhlbach’s slaying. Caraballo was issued a state warrant of arrest for second-degree murder in the following days (domestic violence).

At the time of the search, the investigators discovered that Caraballo was known to have links in Oregon, California, and Mexico. Caraballo was apprehended in Southern Oregon on 23rd December and sent to the Jackson Federal Prison. In the future, Caraballo would go to Multnomah County.

Who is Jose Antonio Caraballo?

A 43-year-old man has been named as the suspect in the murder of his 27-year-old partner, whose body was found in a nature park last week, according to Oregon law officials.

A national arrest warrant has been issued for Jose Antonio Caraballo on the accusation of second-degree murder (domestic violence) in connection to the death of Kathryn Muhlbach, according to the police.

Press Release of Portland Police Bureau

According to a press statement from the Portland Police Bureau, on 9th December at around 3:16 pm, police from East Precinct reacted to a report of a body found in Powell Butte Nature Park. The location was in the 16000 lines of Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland. First responders discovered a female adult casualty at the location, who was eventually identified as Muhlbach. She has pronounced dead right away.

Due to the victim’s death’s “suspicious circumstances,” detectives from the Portland Police Crime Unit were summoned to the location and took complete control of the investigation.

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