K-Pop Stars To Play Lead Roles in Death Note: The Musical

Death Note

The Chungmu Art Center will host a new Death Note: The musical based on Japanese manga. The musical premiered in Japan in April 2015 and in Korea in July 2015. Since then, the musical has been produced in Korea and Japan.

The performances and costumes have been revamped in the 2022 version and repurposed rather than utilizing sets and props from past presentations. The new musical included many K-pop stars in the same role.

Death Note: The Musical casts

The anime finished years ago, yet the series continues to produce newer adaptations, including a musical. Now, the musical has revealed K-pop stars who will play two of the franchise’s most important characters, Light and L.

According to Comicbook, Light and L will feature two actors portraying the killer known as Kira and the investigator responsible for stopping him from using the notebook to kill unworthy in the society. Light Yagami will be portrayed by Hong Kwang Ho and Go Eun Sung, with the former having already played L in an original production of the show and the latter playing the character for the first time.

Netflix’s contentious Death Note live-action movie sequel hasn’t divulged any new details recently, although last year the writers of the original promised a more authentic rendition. This is an intriguing question, given the previous film ended on a cliffhanger.

Based on the manga series

As reported by its fandom, Death Note: The Musical is a stage performance based on the manga series Death Note. Frank Wildhorn composed the music, which was accompanied by words by Jack Murphy and a script by Ivan Menchell.

It also stated that the musical had an English-language workshop in New York in 2014, and some of the songs were publically available online in early 2015. Menchell tweeted that the English-language production of the series will be released “coming soon” in Jan. 2017.

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