K-pop Idols Group Brand Reputation Rankings Have Been Released


The Korean Business Research Institute released this month’s reputation rankings for male and female idol groups. The rankings were obtained by evaluating customer involvement, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of multiple boy groups using big data generated from February 12 to March 12.

Male Group Brand Reputation Rankings 

With a brand reputation index of 11,704,137, BTS topped the list for the 46th month in a row. In BTS’s keyword analysis, the top phrases were “concert,” “Jamsil Stadium,” and “ARMY,” while the full related terms were “perform,” “hold,” and “be together.” The group’s positivity-negativity analysis revealed a score of 76.05 percent positive reactions, Soompi posted.

BTOB jumped to second place in the rankings with a brand reputation index of 3,857,051, a 136.95 percent increase since February. Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN maintained its third-place ranking with a brand reputation index of 3,408,409.

EXO finished fourth with a brand reputation index of 2,601,321, and NCT was close behind with a brand reputation index of 2,318,403.

Female Group Brand Reputation Rankings 

This month, BLACKPINK remained at the top of the list, with a brand reputation index of 4,152,893. BLACKPINK’s positivity-negativity results indicate a score of 67.89 percent positive responses, according to Soompi

Apink jumped to second place in this month’s rankings, with a brand reputation index of 3,901,932, a 51.55 percent rise since February. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation moved up to third place with a brand reputation index of 3,390,267, a 34.64 percent increase from last month.

Finally, TWICE and Red Velvet reached the top five for March, individually in fourth and fifth.

Did you see your favorite group in the list? Here is the complete list of 100 K-Pop Female Group Brand Reputation Rankings For February this year. 

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