Jyu-Oh-Sei Sci-Fi Anime Series Based on Shojo Explains About Survival and Adventure of Twin Brothers

Jyu-Oh-Sei Sci-Fi Anime Series Based on Shojo Explains About Survival and Adventure of Twin Brothers
Jyu-Oh-Sei Sci-Fi Anime Series Based on Shojo Explains About Survival and Adventure of Twin Brothers

Jyu Oh Sei or Planet of the Beast King is a Science Fiction manga that was adapted into an eleven-part anime series in 2006. It was released in the United States in 2008. Jyu Oh Sei narrates the adventure of Thor and his twin brother Rai, who embarks on an expedition.

Thor and Rai Klein are forced away from their home planet when their parents are murdered. They awaken on the complete and robust world of Chimaera, in which carnivorous plants populate and all those human beings are divided into 4 groups called  “Rings.” 

They soon meet a boy called Zagi, and the twins discover that the “Jyu Oh Sei”, the one who overpowers those certain 4 Rings is permitted to exit the plane. Thor resolves to survive in Chimaera’s harsh, brutal environment in order to return home and find the truth behind his parents’ deaths. However, he rapidly discovers that there is more to this odd environment than meets the eye.

As Thor becomes entangled in the Rings’ politics, he learns more about his parents’ murder and, ultimately, humanity’s fate as a whole. The only way out of the planet is to be the Beast King or to control all 4 Rings. 

Without idea why this has occurred, Thor chooses to become the Beast King in order to escape Chimaera and discover the truth. During his time there, he advances in the food chain and begins to understand the riddle of the planet’s goal as well as his purpose. 

Thor is sent to meet with Juno’s President, Odin, who explains everything now that he has attained the position of Beast King. Thor was made utilizing DNA from previous Beast Kings, making his genes the most flexible regardless of circumstance, according to the disclosure. 

The intention was that by putting Thor through life on Chimaera, he would ascend to become the peak of humanity, only to be utilized to spawn new generations of people on the dying colonies, as per the CBR site. 


Jyu-Oh-Sei, the 11-episode anime series premiered in 2006. It follows twin brothers Thor and Rai as their easy lifestyle on the planet Juno unravels when they are transported to Chimaera, a planet with erratic weather patterns and lethal vegetation.

Despite the fact that Jyu-Oh-Sei is a short series, each episode keeps audiences on their feet. The number of people killed begins immediately, with some deaths guaranteed to stun watchers, letting followers understand nobody is protected from Chimaera and its mysteries.

Jyu Oh Sei is a decent anime with excellent graphics and an amazing soundtrack. It falls short of perfection due to its numerous plot gaps and somewhat disconnected pacing. 

However, for an anime with only eleven plot lines, the series mixes a simple plotline with just enough Bishonen to satisfy the fangirls. 

Those who are interested in the actual tale can always read the manga, which fills in the plot holes and provides all the information missing from the anime, according to the Tropedia site. 

Jyu-Oh-Sei is a fascinating blend of action-adventure and sci-fi that pits its bishonen against nature’s horrors. The anime is not without flaws, as it compresses what was originally five volumes of manga into 11 episodes

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